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waiting on a bus

Vote for “Waiting on a Bus” by Elizabeth Simons

Live Well Ferguson’s Program Manager, Elizabeth Simons, has submitted a project which has been dubbed a finalist in the GOOD Maker Challenge.  In order to work with the GOOD team in Los Angeles to launch her project, she needs to obtain the most votes among the other contestants.  Elizabeth’s project, Waiting on a Bus: Stories… Read more »

tod study

St. Louis MetroLink TOD Market Study

East West Gateway Council of Governments has put forth a study on Transit Oriented Development as it relates to St. Louis MetroLink.  This study outlines that while MetroLink’s 37 stations provide great connections for the region, the stations themselves don’t provide much opportunity to live and work near transit, while using it as the “primary… Read more »

TOD in the states

“Transit-Oriented Development in the States” Report

This new report from the National Conference of State Legislators (NCSL) takes a look at state legislative action to define Transit-Oriented Development (TOD), plan for and fund TOD projects, “provide ‘last-mile’ transportation solutions to get to and from a transit stop, and a number of other states’ strategies to encourage TOD.” The NCSL is a… Read more »

Fiscall Cliff Bill Restores Transit User Tax Break

Congress’ passage of the “fiscal cliff” aversion bill this week  included a rise in tax benefits for people who use public transportation to travel to work.  The ability to withhold from paychecks the amount transit users spend on trips to work has been a topic pushed since 2011.  But since then, the benefit remained almost… Read more »

High-speed Rail Hubs Attracting Development to Urban Centers

High-speed rail (HSR) has long been touted as a tool of economic development in addition to its primary function of improving connectivity and ease of travel. It now seems that high-speed rail also has the potential to contribute to the nation’s urban revitalization trends. Because HSR and other rail hubs are often located in urban… Read more »

Congratulations to December Transit Pic Contest Winner!

For over a year, CMT has hosted the The Citizens for Modern Best Transit Pic Contest.  The winner receives a free month-long Metro pass.  This month’s photo, chosen by CMT’s own intern, Melissa Theiss, provides a unique perspective to truly show what is old is also new at the 8th & Pine MetroLink Station. …And… Read more »

China Embarks on Longest High Speed Rail Line

This past Wednesday, China initiated service on “the world’s longest high-speed rail line,” which runs between Beijing and Guangzhou (approximately the distance between New York and Key West, FL).  This now eight hour trip, will move passengers at 300 km, or 186 mph, compared to older trains still in use which take 21 hours for… Read more »

Sound Transit’s TOD Policy Adoption

Seattle’s Sound Transit has developed a transit oriented development policy to increase ridership “by promoting ‘positive land use and development’ within walking distance of transit facilities.” The new policy will motivate future efforts to support TOD endeavors for the Sound Transit’s own properties as well as surrounding regions, “recognizing that both types of opportunities involve… Read more »

$1.2 Billion in Real Estate Development Drawn to Twin Cities

The Central Corridor light rail line of the Twin Cities has attracted over $1.2 billion in development.  This development is even more poignant because it occurred before the light rail line has even begun carrying passengers (2014). “Eighteen residential and commercial/retail developments worth more than $275 million began construction or entered the planning stage in… Read more »

“Midsize Cities on the Move” Presentation

Reconnecting America has released a presentation entitled, “Midsize Cities on the Move,” in which projects concerning Rapid Bus, Bus Rapid Transit, and Streetcar projects happening in the coming years in the U.S. are looked at in greater detail.  The presentation starts by identifying what exactly defines a “midsize city,” lends to the planning and implementation… Read more »


TOD Survey Results

Earlier this week, CMT posed a question to the public on our website: What would you like to see around MetroLink in the St. Louis and surrounding Illinois region?  Answer options included: retail, residential, recreation,office space, vegetation, hospitality, healthcare and an opportunity to provide options of your own. Overwhelmingly, the majority of poll respondents noted… Read more »


12th Annual New Partners for Smart Growth

The weekend of February 7-9, 2013, the 12th Annual New Partners for Smart Growth conference will take place in Kansas City, MO.  This conference will explore strategies for pinpointing and finding solutions to barriers to sustainable development  in the Midwest and the entire nation. “Home to industrial giants, thriving small businesses and a rich history… Read more »


St. Louis Regional Sustainable Communities Meetings Scheduled for Early 2013

The Regional Plan for Sustainable Development (RPSD) is a planning process designed to involve citizens in promoting housing, transportation, and economic development in their communities.  The program, funded by the Federal Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), will take place over the course of 3 years, with a series of community meetings scheduled for… Read more »


Quick TOD Survey!

Please take a moment to tell CMT just what you would like to see constructed around MetroLink in the St. Louis region!  We want to hear what each and every person feels would optimally benefit the community.  And if you have comments, we want to hear those as well.   It’s only one question and… Read more »