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Our Mission

CMT leads efforts for an integrated, affordable, and convenient public transportation system with light rail expansion as the critical component that will drive economic growth to improve quality of life in the St. Louis region.

From the Blog

“Talking Transit” Event Reinforced Significance of Transit Development Opportunities

Citizens for Modern Transit convened experts from across the country to highlight TOD Keys to success and the advantages of developments, including the opportunities they present locally, as well as point to success stories specific to Kansas City, Charlotte, Denver, Austin and Minneapolis.

From the Blog

City Looks to Support TOD along Green Line with Board Bill 13.

As a part of that work, the City of St. Louis Planning & Urban Design Agency (Agency) is looking at proposed modest changes to the Zoning Code for parcels near the proposed stations to realize the full benefits of Transit-Oriented Developments. Weigh in.

From the Blog

Become a Transit Champion Sponsor for the CMT 40th Annual Meeting Luncheon on Sept. 13.

Help celebrate 40 years of moving transit advocacy to action in 2024 by becoming a CMT Annual Meeting Transit Champion.

Transit is good for Public Health

Fact #3

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control recommends that adults get at least 22 minutes of moderate physical activity per day to reduce the risk of heart disease, obesity, stroke and diabetes. By walking or biking to the bus stop or MetroLink, it’s easier to meet or exceed this goal.

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