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Our Mission

CMT leads efforts for an integrated, affordable, and convenient public transportation system with light rail expansion as the critical component that will drive economic growth to improve quality of life in the St. Louis region.

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Village of Swansea Seeking a Developer for Area Around MetroLink Station

The Village of Swansea and their collaboration team, consisting of Village Engineering Firm Thouvenot, Wade, and Moerchen, PGAV Planners, St. Louis METRO, and the St. Clair County Transit District, have spent multiple years analyzing the area surrounding the Swansea MetroLink Station to determine the best path  towards redevelopment.

From the Blog

2020 St. Louis Transit Security Survey – Weigh In Now

Over the last year there have been many new security measures put in place on the St. Louis transit system.  Please weigh in with your thoughts on how you think transit security has been impacted over the last year by filling out the survey by clicking on the picture above.

From the Blog

CMT, AARP, and SCCTD to Launch a “Transit Stop Transformation Project” at the Emerson Park Transit Center

The St. Clair County Transit District today announced the launch of a “Transit Stop Transformation Project” at the Emerson Park Transit Center in collaboration with Citizens for Modern Transit, AARP in St. Louis, and Metro Transit.

Transit Moves People

Fact #26

Metro runs 22 million + annual bus and rail service miles, according to Metro in 2014.

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