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CMT’s  Sustainability Initiatives:

In addition to leading efforts for an integrated, affordable, and convenient public transportation system with light rail expansion as the critical component that will drive economic growth to improve quality of life in the St. Louis region, CMT has committed to meeting the Green Business Challenge sponsored by the St. Louis Regional Chamber and the Missouri Botanical Gardens. This means we’ve committed to become a greener workplace and will follow the sustainable practices below. We encourage our partners and members to do the same so that we are all doing our part for a healthier planet.  Sustainability is a journey and you will find our commitments here:


  • CMT provides subsidized transit cards for all employees.
  • CMT sponsors the Guaranteed Ride Home program for area residents. The GRH incentivizes use of MetroLink, MetroBus, bikes, or walks to work, rather than driving. The program provides a subsidized cab ride or car rental home in the case of emergencies. It is an assurance that commuters can get home in a timely manner if an unexpected situation arises. This program helps address barriers area residents cite to using public transit.
  • CMT sponsors the Green Business Challenge.
  • CMT offers the Ten Toe Express Program which provides the opportunity to choose walking to access the region.
  • CMT offers programs to allow St.  Louisans to get on board public transit including the Try & Ride Program, Guaranteed Ride Home, community engagement events and more.
  • What we do every day!

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle:

  • Staff members are asked to recycle all paper, cardboard, and plastic/disposable containers.
  • CMT reuses its paper and has provided its staff and guests recycle bins for everyone’s use.
  • CMT provides online/email newsletters and electronic registration forms for its programs to reduce the amount of paper used.


  • We will no longer purchase any Styrofoam kitchen supplies.
  • We have eliminated the use of plastic water bottles, switching to filtered water for all guests of the office.
  • We commit to purchasing 30% recycled office paper and other paper products.

For more information on the Sustainable Business Challenge and assistance with your own green initiatives, visit –  For more information on CMT programs that can help your business go green, email

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