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Citizens for Modern Transit is a 501(c)3, member-based organization. In order to accomplish our mission, we rely heavily on the support of businesses, organizations, and individuals.

In addition to serving as the sole means for many to get to work and access needed goods and services, transit plays a key role in fueling local economies. It attracts business and industry, sparks development, influences employee mobility, promotes equality and much more. That is why Citizens for Modern Transit (CMT) is continually working to help expand and improve a safe, integrated and affordable public transportation system throughout the St. Louis region. To stay on mission, make a difference and drive transit to success, CMT relies on the support of its members. CMT is currently backed by more than 20,000 transit riders, employers, academic institutions, and labor/community organizations. Your help is greatly needed, too!

Stand alongside Citizens for Modern Transit Because Public Transit Matters.

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Public transit access is essential to any thriving metropolitan area. It is credited with much more than getting people to and from destinations via the MetroLink or bus. A safe, integrated, reliable public transit system plays a key role in stimulating economic development, attracting and retaining business, establishing healthier neighborhoods, connecting individuals to job opportunities, furthering equality and building sustainable communities.

Citizens for Modern Transit (CMT) doesn’t own or operate the transit system. The organization works to champion, challenge, encourage and advocate for it. Consider supporting CMT.

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All contributions are tax-deductible and help the organization fulfill its mission-driven objectives to:
  • Implement short and long-term transit access expansion plans
  • Secure funding for transit development
  • Help ensure a safe and secure ride for all transit users
  • Commission pilot programming, studies and assessments to help underscore the value of transit, make informed decisions and advance transit accessibility
  • Keep elected officials and key stakeholders up-to-speed on transit-related issues and opportunities
  • Establish relevant programming that continues to meet the needs of the ever-evolving marketplace
  • Champion the local transit system and help advance the region
  • Empower, lead and maintain highly effective board members, staff and volunteers
  • Ensure efforts meet the needs of the organization’s diverse constituency
  • Expand ridership through unique programming
  • Build grassroots support in the community for transit, among both riders and non-riders

With the help of members, and in collaboration with area partners, CMT is furthering the framework upon which public transit can continue to thrive. The organization leads feasibility study, initiates pilot projects like the MetroLink Access Pilot, secures funding including the needed federal dollars for Metro to build the new Cortex MetroLink Station, creates nationally recognized, award-winning programs to boost ridership, and works to secure the safety and security of the system.





Individual Memberships

  • Senior 65+ /Student – $40
  • Young Transit Leader – $50
  • Supporter – $60
  • Advocate – $100
  • Champion – $250
  • Leader – $500

Corporate Sponsorships

  • Bronze – $1250
  • Silver – $2,500
  • Gold – $5,000
  • Platinum – $10,000
  • Diamond – $25,000

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Citizens for Modern Transit is like a valuable sibling, who works with us and challenges us. They are a great champion and advocate for transit and a prime leader in making St. Louis a better place.

Taulby Roach

Bi-State Development

All memberships in CMT are tax-deductible. Talk to us about life-income gifts by emailing

View our Corporate Membership Packet Here.

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