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CMT Commuter CHOICE Program

CMT’s Commuter CHOICE Program – Provide choices for your employees’ commutes.

If you are currently offering fully subsidized or free parking to your employees, we have good news for you!  You and your employees have CHOICEs for their commutes, and CMT is here to help you choose the best commuter package for you. Interested in exploring the Commuter CHOICE options further?

  • Review the programs detailed below or in CMT Commuter Choice Toolkit.
  • Contact CMT to distribute their COMMUTER SURVEY to your workforce and determine current commuter habits and needs .  To use the survey, contact CMT and they will customize a link for your company and share the data with you when the survey closes.
  • Contact CMT to discuss the needs and possibilities for your company.  Reach us by phone at 314-231-7272 or by e-mail:

CHOICE Option #1 – Transit Subsidy Programs

CHOICE Option #2 – Flexible Work Schedules

CHOICE Option #3 – Cash Out Parking

CHOICE Option #4 – Guaranteed Ride Home


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