Bringing Transit Message to the Capitol on Feb. 1

Before we know it, the Missouri General Assembly will reconvene for the 2012 Legislative session. There is one item that should be top priority for you and the region: Transit.  You may not ride transit, you may not know anyone who uses the bus or MetroLink; however, Missouri needs transit.  Transit creates, maintains and sustains… Read more »


Prop A Win Featured in Shelterforce Journal

Shelterforce, the journal of affordable housing and community building, recently printed an article about the successful 2010 Prop A Campaign. The article was written by professors Todd Swantstrom and David Kimball of UMSL and Tom Shrout of Avvantt Partners, LLC.  The article titled “A Surprising Victory,” is a follow-up to the ‘white paper’ authored by the… Read more »


Transit: Enhancing the St. Louis Economy Breakfast 1/27/2012

Before we know it, the Missouri General Assembly will reconvene for the 2012 Legislative session. We know that your company has a list of legislative priorities you would like to see this session especially in the current economy. There is, however, one item that should be top priority for your organization and the region: Transit. … Read more »

Senate Republicans look at ways to fund transportation bill

According to Transportation Issues Daily website, Senate Republicans are looking at several ways to make up the $12 billion shortfall in the Senate proposed transit/highway bill including: $3.5 billion rescinded from Advance Vehicle Technology Manufacturing Loan Program $3 billion transfer from Leaking Underground Storage Tank Trust Fund $2.5 billion reclaimed transfers of transportation funds to the… Read more »

CMT adopts FY12 Legislative Agenda

With the general session right around the corner, funding for transit at the state level tops CMT’s Legislative Agenda this fiscal year.  Citizens for Modern Transit adopted its FY12 Legislative Agenda on December 7.  Federal reauthorization of the Transportation Bill, supporting MoDOT’s request for $3.06 million for transit funding from the state of Missouri and MoDOT’s… Read more »

CMT Board Adopts New Mission Statement

This morning at the Citizens for Modern Transit monthly Board of Director’s meeting board members voted unanimously to adopt an updated mission statement.  The existing mission statement was adopted in 2002. CMT staff and the board felt the mission statement needed to be updated to better reflect the efforts of the organization. The statement has… Read more »

CMT Seeks Public Relations Firm for New Grant

Dear Consultant: Citizens for Modern Transit (CMT) is requesting the services of a consulting public relations firm to perform the described professional services for the project included on the attached list. If your firm would like to be considered for these consulting services, you may express your interest by responding to the appropriate office, which… Read more »

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Scholarships from Women’s Transportation Seminar

Women’s Transportation Seminar – St. Louis Metropolitan Chapter has 3 – Scholarships available to Graduates and Undergraduates pursuing their degrees in a Transportation related field – APPLICATIONS DUE BY JANUARY 20, 2012 These Scholarships are: Open to women, GPA of 3.0 or higher, Currently enrolled in a graduate degree program in a transportation related field,… Read more »


When Gas Prices Go Up So Does Transit Ridership

The Atlantic Cities published an article today about how Americans react to high gas prices.  The article features a soon to be released study by Bradely Lane of the University of Texas at El Paso: “A time-series analysis of gasoline prices and public transportation in US metropolitan areas.” Lane studied gasoline price fluctuations in 33… Read more »


CMT Receives Missouri Foundation for Health Grant

CMT has been awarded a 1-year MFH Healthy & Active Community Local Policy Change grant to focus on seven communities along the MetroLink alignment to foster TOD policy development and adoption. The development of compact walkable communities around transit makes it possible to create healthier lifestyles. The seven communities include Berkeley, Pagedale, Wellston, City of St…. Read more »

FAQ – Regional Plan for Sustainable Development Grant

Citizens for Modern Transit is one of 11 consortium partners on the HUD St. Louis Regional Plan for Sustainable Development (RPSD) Grant. Grant partners have developed a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document to help other better understand the purpose of the grant and how it is organized. St. Louis Regional Plan for Sustainable Development FAQ

The Ultimate TOD – Maeklong Market, Thailand

This unbelievable video illustrates the transit oriented development Thai-style. The Maeklong Market is located along commuter train tracks two hours outside of Bangkok. The market literally operates on top of the tracks except for the four times a day the train runs through it. Watch this remarkable video to see TOD in rural Thailand.


CMT Sponsors ULI TAP at Belleville Station

Thursday, November 11, 2011, Citizens for Modern Transit partnered with Metro, St. Clair County Transit District (SCCTD), and the City of Belleville to host the first of three Urban Land Institute (ULI) Technical Assistance Panels (TAPs).  Technical Assistance Panels are part of ULI’s Advisory Services Program and consists of panel of industry professionals assembled to… Read more »


CMT Transit Commuter Survey

Dear Transit Commuter, Citizens for Modern Transit (CMT) is conducting a transit commuter survey to help determine why transit commuters in Missouri and Illinois choose the bus and/or MetroLink instead of the car.  The survey will also help us understand commuter perceptions of transit in St. Louis, types of messaging that helps increase ridership, and… Read more »