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CMT teams up with STL Green Business Challenge to focus on TRANSIT at work

greenbusinesschallengeThe St. Louis Green Business Challenge is revving up its alternative transportation focus for 2015 with the help of Citizens for Modern Transit and other community partners. 

“We are excited to be able to work with the St. Louis  Green Business Challenge to increase the focus on transit and other alternative commute programs and incentives which can be incorporated at the worksite. Free parking for employees is never free for anyone. Looking at ways to incentivize employees to consider changing their commute for even one or two days a week has a significant impact on the environment and our communities,” said Kim Cella, CMT Executive Director.

Program offerings such as transit subsidies, the Guaranteed Ride Home, the Ten Toe Express, and the Try & Ride program are now all possibilities for employers to get on board with transit.

Businesses of all sizes – including non-profits, colleges and municipalities – will use new “Mini-Challenge” scorecards and other tools to engage employees in sustainable commuting options. Partnerships with Citizens for Modern Transit, RideFinders and Trailnet have contributed robust new resources to this regional business-Greening program.

One opportunity for area employers as a part of the Challenge is a CMT Try & Ride Mini-Challenge.   “The Try & Ride Program is a great way for employees who have never used to transit to give it a try.  We are very excited about the opportunity to partner with companies in the Green Business Challenge to help their employees see the benefits of transit for the work commute while at the same time removing any of the perceived hurdles for using transit,” said Cella.

Postcard_Missouri_2_27_19Try & Ride Mini- Challenge

Companies field a team of commuters trying transit (bus/train) for a two-month period. First month transit passes are subsidized by Try & Ride; second month is covered by employee or employer transit support program. Commuters commit to using transit a minimum of 2 days/week. Try & Ride also provides “Personalized Transit Route” and “Tips & Tricks for Using Transit.” The Try & Ride website tracks participation, welcomes photo and blog contributions.

The Green Business Challenge is presented by the St. Louis Regional Chamber and Missouri Botanical Garden. Now in its 6th dynamic year, this program has engaged over 150 Missouri and Illinois companies, representing over 130,000 employees.

Interested companies can find out more or register today at




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