Re-Imagining the Burbs

Access to nearby, walkable amenities is increasingly becoming the norm for communities across the country.  People want easier access to commercial, cultural, leisure, and work environments.  The difficulty is that most surburban regions were designed specifically to accommodate cars.  With this challenge in mind, the Urban Land Institute took a look at what makes successful… Read more »

Celebrating 20 years of MetroLink in STL – Fun Facts

  Citizens for Modern Transit has been involved with MetroLink since the very beginning.  With the help of a small group of business people, elected officials and interested citizens, who collectively understood the positive impact transit could have on our region, they formed the local transit advocacy organization in 1985 known as Citizens for Modern… Read more »

What Would Transit Look Like if it Was Built Using Business Principles?

More and more we are hearing that public transit agencies need to mirror private sector industries in their practices.  The latest article,  “Public Transit 101: read a ‘how to start a business book,’” written by Kevin C. Brown, is an interesting look at doing just that. In answer to the “no one uses transit, so why should… Read more »

New North County Transit Center Coming Soon!

Transit ridership in North St. Louis County is strong and growing. It is the region’s fastest growing transit market, and currently accounts for almost one-fifth of MetroBus ridership in Missouri.  Despite this high demand and expanding market, the area lacks adequate bus transfer hubs to support a more effective “hub-and-spoke” service strategy.  Metro has been… Read more »

Tony Transit Returns for MetroLink’s 20th Anniversary on July 31.

WHERE ON THE METRO IS TONY PATRICO? Spot Patrico on the MetroLink on Wednesday, July 31st and you could get a $50 Visa gift card provided by Citizens for Modern Transit. Help CMT celebrate 20 years of MetroLink in St. Louis by following Tony TRansit today! Follow Patrico on Twitter @PatricoWAR, and on Wednesday during… Read more »

Chance to provide input on what you want to see around Delmar/Forest Park MetroLink Stations

 The final meeting is here to provide your thoughts on the draft plan for Transit-Oriented Development planning at the Delmar and Forest Park-DeBaliviere MetroLink Stations. H3 Studio has incorporated recommendations from the first public workshop and will present their ideas to you; we welcome your input! The Delmar and Forest Park-DeBaliviere Metrolink Station Area draft preferred… Read more »

You Can Help Make IL a Better State for Cycling

CMT invites you to weigh in on bike transportation planning in IL.  Be sure to ask that bike paths connect with MetroLink stations to ensure the plans are convenient and accessible to you too! Illinois Bike Transportation Plan — Illinois’ first ever state-wide Bicycle Transportation Plan is being developed this year, and it needs your… Read more »

Reconnecting America Announces a TOD University

Reconnecting America, Enterprise Community Partners, Move LA, and Strategic Actions for a Just Economy developed an education program to help communities advocate for equitable Transit Oriented Development. The program is designed to help housing development agencies and community groups educate and involve local residents about community revitalization and transit planning.  The goal is to ‘train… Read more »

Happy 20th Anniversary MetroLink!

CMT members & Friends, help us celebrate 20 years of MetroLink in St. Louis! Weigh in today on the importance of this asset to the STL community on Facebook, Twitter or email  We will be adding all the comments to this blog – Join CMT in celebrating MetroLink’s 20 years in STL! We love our two MetroLink… Read more »

St. Louis leaders weigh in on the importance of MetroLink as we near 20th Anniversary

MetroLink’s 20th Anniversary is two weeks from today.  From the moment MetroLink hit the rails in 1993, ridership far exceeded forecasted expectations.  And, that momentum shows no sign of slowing. Just last year, MetroLink’s ridership increases landed the system among the Top 10 light rail systems across the country.  Voters have also done their part…. Read more »

CMT Invites you to Attend a OneSTL Open House

The OneSTL project is a collaborative partnership funded through U.S. HUD, DOT and EPA that includes 11 core partners and hundreds of additional partners from a variety of public, private and non-profit organizations throughout the St. Louis region. The goal of the project is to create a regional plan that builds the capacity of local… Read more »

House and Senate Appropriations Committee’s Report Respective FY-2014 Transportation Appropriations Bills

Following action by both the House and the Senate Appropriations Committees, a $3.3 billion gap for U.S. DOT appropriations exists between the respective House and Senate reported bills. On June 27th, the House Appropriations Committee voted 28-20 to approve the Transportation, Housing and Urban Development (THUD) Appropriations bill for Fiscal Year (FY) 2014. The House… Read more »