2014 Ten Toe Express on track with record breaking participation

This month, CMT’s Fall 2014 Ten Toe Express Session will conclude and as always, there is so much to celebrate!  Firstly, CMT thanks its Ten Toe Express long term volunteer walk leaders who make this program the success that it is:  Dan and Meredith O’Connor, Norm and Joan Krumrey, Mary Blaies, Loretta Davis and Mary… Read more »

Upcoming Summit: Changing Healthcare Landscape: Implications for Community, School, Business, and Providers Summit

CMT is pleased to be a part of the St. Clair County Complete Streets steering committee in partnership with Get Up and Go and the St. Clair County Health Department, and invite you to their upcoming summit called, “The Changing Healthcare Landscape: Implications for Community, School, Business, and Providers.” The conference, planned for Friday, November 14 from… Read more »

CMT Try & Ride memorable moments on Metro!

With more than 900 new transit riders for the Try & Ride program and more coming in daily, we are always eager to hear about people’s experiences.  The first and second month surveys have been providing excellent feedback that we’d like to share. In total, about 63% of the respondents shared positive experiences, only 10% shared negative experiences, and 22% were indifferent.  All… Read more »

Annual MetroLink Fare Survey Starts October 20!

Metro will begin its annual MetroLink Fare survey starting today, October 20 through Friday, November 14!  Data from the survey is used to evaluate how customers use the light rail system and how they pay. Fare surveyors can be identified by their badges with a Metro logo and title listed as Survey Supervisor or Surveyor. … Read more »

Retirement planning must include transportation component

The New York Times ran a recent story about the importance of considering transportation needs when you are planning for retirement. The story highlights Roland Dion, an 81 year old retired marriage and family therapist, and his wife who live on the eastern edge of San Diego where cars reign supreme.  Everything the Dions do… Read more »

Exciting New Perk for CMT members

There are many reasons to join CMT as a member, but CMT and Enterprise CarShare have negotiated an exciting new deal for CMT members that we are pleased to announce today! CMT members will now be able to take advantage of $25 off their first year of Enterprise CarShare membership!  Over the last several years,… Read more »

Transportation Funding Being Decided in Several States this November

With federal funding for transportation uncertain, several states will be voting on state and local revenue measures this November. For instance, Pinellas County Florida (St. Petersburg) will decide whether or not to raise the sales tax to build a light-rail system and add buses to the road.  They currently fund transit with property taxes that… Read more »

Report Showing a More Permanent Shift Away from Driving

A new report from Public Interest Research Group (U.S. PIRG) provides insight into driving trends in the US. It has been widely speculated that the decreasing miles driven in the past decade was due to the recession and that we’d all go back to normal when resources were less tight, but this new study explores… Read more »

Consider a special year-end gift for transit in 2014 with CMT

Transit is on the move in St. Louis, have you heard? A new MetroLink Station will be added to our system within the next several years, more and more St. Louisans are giving transit a try, and new ideas are on the table for improving the transit system in the region. Thanks to Citizens for… Read more »

City of Clayton’s TOD overlay helps entice new high rise development near transit

With the creation of Clayton’s Transit Oriented Development (TOD) Overlay Districts around the Clayton Ave. and Forsyth MetroLink Stations, the City has paved the way for mixed-use development which takes into account the benefits of transit. The latest development, The Crossing, situated within Clayton’s master plan’s “Central Station District” has taken advantage of this positive… Read more »

New Study to Show Millenial Driving Decline Here to Stay

The U.S. Public Interest Research Group (U.S. PIRG) announces a report they will release tomorrow, Tuesday, October 14 showing that the Millennial’s shift away from driving is not a temporary change. “While most people know the last decade saw a marked decrease in young Americans’ driving miles, the new study explains why reduced driving among… Read more »

Transportation engineering is a craft, building places is a human endeavor – Chuck Marohn, Strong Towns

“Transportation engineering is a craft, building places is a human endeavor,” said Strong Towns President and Co-founder Chuck Marohn at CMT’s“Transportation in the Next American City” Breakfast on Oct. 9.    With more than 100 CMT members and friends in the room, Marohn detailed the misconceived assumptions about transportation infrastructure that have existed for decades and how… Read more »