St. Louis County needs to rethink transportation priorities

St. Louis County needs to rethink its potential investment in the South County Connector and consider transit instead. New, unwanted roadway construction wastes precious state dollars and diverts attention and resources away from the more sustainable transportation options in which the region has already invested. St. Louis County Executive Dooley needs to seriously consider withdrawing… Read more »

Ask St. Louis County to rethink South County Connector

Dear CMT Members and Friends: As executive director of Citizens for Modern Transit, I write to express CMT’s opposition to the building of a South County Connector now and in the future and we ask you to do the same. New, unwanted roadway construction wastes precious transportation dollars and diverts attention and resources away from… Read more »

CMT Issues an RFP for Web Development Work

CMT Issues an RFP for Web Development Work Citizens for Modern Transit (“CMT”) is seeking a consultant to update CMT’s website in a fashion that would promote our grant funded, employer outreach efforts.  CMT will run an employer based transportation management plan, employer driven transit benefit programs, Guranteed Ride Home and needs a site that… Read more »

Sponsorship Opportunities Available for upcoming CMT Annual Meeting

Please mark your calendar for September 13, 2013 for the Citizens for Modern Transit 29th Annual Meeting celebrating the future of transit in the region and our successes in 2013.  It has been a great year at CMT, and the organization is more committed than ever to ensure St. Louis will continue to have an… Read more »

Lead a Ten Toes Express Walk in the Fall, 2013!

The Ten Toe Express Fall 2013 session will kick off on Friday, September 6th from a MetroLink Station near you!  In preparation, we are seeking volunteers to help lead walks. The fall session is 12 weeks long and walk leaders can pick the day of the week that works best for them. We will be… Read more »


Join CMT in Celebrating MetroLink’s 20th Anniversary!

Join CMT in Celebrating MetroLink’s 20th Anniversary! Enjoy an evening at the Ballpark Hilton to celebrate twenty years of MetroLink on Wednesday, July 31, 2013.  MetroLink has helped change and grow the St. Louis region with public transit.  Citizens for Modern Transit is proud to be an integral part of the continuing expansion discussion, and… Read more »


TOD in Washington, DC is a Case Study for Successful Urban Develpment

The 2013 Smart Growth America’s Leadership Summit took a walking tour of a new and booming neighborhood in Washington, DC, affectionately called NoMa (North of Massachusetts Avenue).  With a new Metro stop, a new grocery store, and a new CVS, this neighborhood has grown by leaps and bounds and summit participants went to see the… Read more »

I Heart Public Transit

2013 Survey shows that 73% of Americans Favor Investing in Public Transportation

The Mineta Transportation Institute and the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) recently ran a survey showing that 73.6% of Americans strongly agree that tax dollars should be used for, “expanding and improving public transportation” in their communities.  1,501 people completed the survey and support for/appreciation of transit was higher in 2013, in all categories measured. … Read more »

New fareboxes coming to 6 different routes this Monday

Beginning on Monday, July 1, 2013, Metro Transit will move its testing of new fareboxes to six different routes on the MetroBus system.   Metro installed new fareboxes on 40 buses and began testing them last October. The farebox testing is moving to the #2 Red, #33 Dorsett-Lackland, #47 North Hanley, #64 Lucas Hunt, #91 Olive… Read more »

Metro Issues a Customer Service Announcement about possible Strike

Please find a selection from Metro’s statement regarding transit service in the case of a workers union strike beginning next week: You may have learned from reports in the news or from a Metro employee about the possibility of a strike by Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) Local 788, the Union that represents Metro Call-A-Ride, MetroBus… Read more »

CMT looking for you as a MetroLink rider

Here is your chance to become a star in St. Louis just for riding MetroLink. As a part of the 20th Anniversary of MetroLink promotions in St. Louis, CMT is looking for St. Louis commuters who use MetroLink on a regular basis for their commutes. Those individuals could potentially become transit “stars’ as a part… Read more »

CMT Announces a Young Transit Professionals Initiative

We’ve seen a lot of recent coverage in the news about the interest that young professionals have in transit.  Story after story cites the draw to transit oriented, walkable communities that allow young professionals to navigate their lives without a car.  As St. Louis strives to retain and seek top young talent and become a… Read more »

TOD in the Central West End is Booming!

Washington University Medical Center plans to build a $75 million, energy-efficient, multistory research building dedicated to interdisciplinary research to be completed in June 2015.  They plan to move researchers involved in genetics, genomics and regenerative biology to the new building upon its completion.  The new building will add lab space and will replace older, less… Read more »

House Subcommittee considerig bill with significant cuts to Amtrak in Budget

Today, the House of Representatives Transportation Housing and Urban Development Subcommittee is considering a bill that will slash Amtrak’s budget by a third in 2014–putting Amtrak’s future very much in jeopardy. To make matters worse, the bill, if passed, doesn’t include even a dollar for the High Speed and Intercity Passenger Rail Program.  Click here… Read more »