Rauner considering a cut to Amtrak funding

February 19, 2015:  Illinois Governor Rauner unveiled a spending plan yesterday that would cut train service levels across the state of Illinois.  The plan suggests a $16 million cut to the current $42 million subsidy which would result in a reduction in the number of trains running between Chicago and St. Louis and Chicago and… Read more »

Bill introduced putting transit on more equal playing field with driving

The Association for Commuter Transportation announces the introduction of the Commuter Benefit Parity Act of 2015. This bipartisan legislation would establish parity between the parking and transit portions of the transportation fringe benefit by setting the monthly caps for both at $235/month. Transportation costs represent the second-largest household expense for American families. According to Transportation for… Read more »

House committee adds $1million in transit assistance to MoDOT budget

The House Appropriations Committee for Revenue, Transportation and Economic Development met Wednesday to pass out the bills for each department budget.  Chairman Lincoln Hough had prepared an amendment to make several changes to MODOT’s budget.  Many transit supporters including CMT have been pushing for the $1,000,000 core cut to transit assistance recommended by Governor Jay… Read more »

MoDOT adopts 325 plan

The Missouri Highway and Transportation Commission adopted the 325 program this past week.  With only $325 million allocated for a system that requires $485 million to maintain, MoDOT has narrowed its priorities. A few background points first. Missouri has the 7th largest transportation system in the country, and it ranks 46th in revenue spent per mile…. Read more »

Don’t miss CMT’s Great Race 2015: A Relay to the Rails

After hosting three, highly successful Great Race competitions placing Team TRANSIT, Team BIKE, Team CARSHARE and Team CARPOOL in a head-to-head competition to see which commuters could get from Point A to Point B the fastest during the evening rush via their respective transportation modes, Citizens for Modern Transit is excited to announce a new… Read more »

Transportation Funding: How is the Highway Trust Fund funded?

With discussions happening on the local, state and federal level with regards to funding of transportation/public transit infrastructure – one question continues to pop up – what’s happening to the funding for transportation?  The gas tax, currently paid at the pump by car drivers, has paid for road and transit projects since the 1930’s. However, Americans… Read more »

CMT teams up with Creating Whole Communities for “Transit’s impact on the neighborhood”

Many neighborhoods in St. Louis are burdened by rising poverty, falling population, and stagnating property values. Can transportation infrastructure like public transit help revitalize these “weak market” communities? Can St. Louis impact its neighborhoods with transit? Join CMT and Creating Whole Communities for a discussion on the possibilities for St. Louis around transit. With the… Read more »

Volunteer as a MetroLink Monitor and help ensure we have the stations we need!

Citizens for Modern Transit has volunteer positions open for MetroLink Monitors at the following stations: Airport Main and East North Hanley Central West End 5th & MO Swansea The MetroLink Monitor Program was established by CMT’s Riders’ Advocate Committee and was charged to monitor the quality and condition of stations along the MetroLink alignment. Volunteers… Read more »

The CWE now has an Enterprise CarShare Vehicle!

CMT is pleased to announce that our partner, Enterprise CarShare, now has a vehicle in the Central West End. Enterprise CarShare continues to grow in the St. Louis area, bringing you additional vehicles and locations to give you more flexibility for your car-sharing needs. This new location is in the heart of the Central West… Read more »

KC Streetcar lessons for the St. Louis transit discussion

CMT hosted a sneak peek of the Kansas City Streetcar project in St. Louis on Jan. 22.  The streetcar project is currently under construction, has millions in development going in along its path, and residents will soon be able to hop on board in early 2016. The 2 mile modern street-running streetcar project is estimated to cost… Read more »

Governor talks transportation in his State of the State address

Below is an excerpt from Governor Nixon’s State of the State address last evening.  He touches on the importance of making sure the state of Missouri’s transportation infrastructure is addressed.   Here is an opportunity for CMT members and friends to reach out to the Governor and your elected officials to talk about a total transportation plan… Read more »