New Study Finds Widespread Support for Transit Around the Country.

“Bosses for Buses” is a new study that explores transit’s widespread support from employers around the country.  However, employer support on more national levels tends to be fragmented and less effective. Good Jobs First ran the study and found that major employers such as hospitals and universities in metro areas across the country are winning… Read more »

Metro quarterly service change set for June 10

Metro Transit constantly monitors and reviews feedback from customers and operators in order to build a better transit experience for the St. Louis region. As a result, every quarter Metro updates MetroBus routes and schedules to better improve MetroLink connections and MetroBus on-time performance. Brief details of the changes that will be implemented for the… Read more »

Transit continues to win at the ballot box nationally

Transit continues to win at the ballot box in 2013 with 2 out of 3 measures for transit passing in May.  On May 7, voters in two communities in Ohio and one in Michigan decided on property tax measures for transit. Two of the measures were approved handedly, continuing the trend of success dating back… Read more »

One cent transportation tax dead in Senate

The MO legislative session ends today at 6 p.m.  The filibusterers are standing firm, SJR 16 appears to be dead for this year. Primary filibusterers were John Lamping, Ed Emery, and Rob Schaaf.    The venue for this issue now switches from the General Assembly to the Missouri Transportation Alliance.  An initiative petition could still have this… Read more »

Nominated Transportation Secretary proponent of Streetcar

In the last week of April, 2013 President Obama nominated Charlotte, North Carolina Mayor Anthony Foxx to be his next Secretary of Transportation, replace outgoing Secretary Ray LaHood who announced his retirement earlier this year. LaHood has indicated he would remain in office until the Senate confirms his successor.  The administration touted Foxx’s work on… Read more »

Please join CMT’s ULI Cortex TAP Report to the Community

CMT in partnership with Metro invites you to attend an upcoming Urban Land Institute (ULI) Cortex TAP report on discussions about possible locations for a MetroLink station, parking garage, and incentives for spurring development around the Cortex site. This special presentation to the community will be held at Cortex, 4320 Forest Park Ave. I hope you… Read more »

Amtrak in Missouri on track?

The Kansas City Star published an article on Saturday regarding the future of Amtrak Missouri River Runner operations in the state. This article has now been reprinted in the St. Louis Business Journal and has caught the media’s attention in several other areas of the state, as well. While the Star’s article helps paint a… Read more »

Final Station Area Plan Recommendation Meeting

St. Louis, you have one more chance to weigh in on Transit Oriented Development plans around the Union Station and Civic Center MetroLink Stops. The meeting is scheduled for May 21, 2013, 11:00a.m.-1:00p.m., with a presentation at 11:30a.m at the City Of St. Louis City Hall; Kennedy Room – 2nd Floor; 1200 Market Street; St…. Read more »

Senate blocks transportation bill – You can help!

As CMT announced yesterday, the Missouri House passed SJR 16 and sent it back to the Senate for one final up/down vote.  Getting the bill to the floor of the House took significant effort by the members of the coalition supporting its passage.  THANK YOU for your calls, letters, emails and even trips to Jefferson… Read more »

Young Americans Prefer Transit

John Schwartz’s New York Times article entitled, “Young Americans Lead Trend to Less Driving,” covers a recent study run by U.S. Pirg that assesses driving trends in the United States.  Their study shows that driving trends in the last decade have steadily dropped, significantly due to the millennial generation about which we’ve reported and heard… Read more »

2nd Tapping Into Transit a Success

CMT had a big week last week!  In addition to our hugely successful, Wake Up to a Sweeter Commute event on Friday, we also hosted our 2nd Tapping Into Transit Happy Hour the night before and had a great time! Approximately 30 people joined us at the Dubliner, munched on yummy gastropub snacks, mixed and… Read more »

What do you want to see built around MetroLink in the City? Here is your opportunity . . .

The opportunity is here to provide your thoughts on Transit-Oriented Development planning around four existing MetroLink stations. Help develop the best options for economic growth around the Delmar, Forest Park-DeBaliviere, Stadium and Arch-Laclede’s Landing MetroLink Stations. St. Louis Development Corporation has contracted with H3 Studio, Inc., to develop Station Area Plans for three existing MetroLink… Read more »

Public Transit as a Tool for Reducing Urban Segregation

Last week the Atlantic Cities reported in an article titled “Why Segregation is Bad for Everyone” on a study recently released by Urban Studies that examines the role of segregation in cities. The research indicates that when segregation (based on race, income level, job type, etc.) exists in a specific area, the entire region suffers. And… Read more »