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Rail~Volution Podcast Highlights CMT and AARP work on Transit Transformations

CMT and AARP in St. Louis recently sat down to discuss the Transit Transformation Program for the Rail~Volution Podcast. CMT Executive Director Kim Cella and CMT Board member Shelia Holm with AARP in St. Louis sat down chatted about transforming transit stops in St. Louis through a grassroots approach to placemaking.

“What we found when we focused on these stations is that by engaging with the community, we make sure we’re delivering something that the community really wants or needs.” Cella says. “That soft touch on those sites is bringing increase in investment in some of the stops,” said Cella.

To listen in to the discussion and to find out more about the Transit Transformation project, click here.

For a link to CMT’S Transformation Projects, click here.

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