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Transit Stop Transformation Projects

Citizens for Modern Transit (CMT), the regional transit advocacy organization, and AARP in St. Louis initiated a pilot project through its Transit Placemaking Program in 2019 to transform the bus stop in the City of Maplewood. The effort, known as the “Maplewood Transit Stop Transformation Project,” converted the Maplewood MetroBus Stop – located at the southwest corner of Manchester Rd. and Marshall Ave. – into a fun, artistic space that encourages active play, cultivates community, and increases transit use. The renovated, ADA accessible site boasts vibrant colors and green spaces. New shelters, a glider, and bench were installed, and lighting and better sightlines were incorporated to improve visibility, safety, and security. There is now more waiting space, better access to the adjacent green spaces, a hopscotch game that adds ani interactive play element to the design, and an art installation graphically depicting Maplewood landmarks created by a local, award-winning painter and mixed media artist.

Create a deep understanding and commitment to equitable development around transit, the impact and possibility of play, and the ability for creative interventions to produce long-term impact in neighborhoods.

Transit Stop Transformation Projects Are Products of Partnerships in Action:


  • Work with stakeholders to build consensus and policies to
    move permanent development forward
  • Establish a lasting development (shelter, play area, etc.) at
    the bus stop to improve safety and security, build ridership
    on the system and increase activity around transit
  • Reinforce the element of fun/community that comes with
    activating space around transit and building community


  • Local governments
  • Corporations
  • Non-profits
  • Community Groups


  • Site Selection
  • Project Development
  • Community Engagement
  • Design and Construction

Download the full brochure here.

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