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Work. Play. Everyday. Take Transit to Go Your Way.

Headed to the office, school, the zoo or a play?

To the dentist, the mall, or a quick getaway?

Or, maybe to one of the airports, Belleville or the Central West End?

To a concert, a ball game or a night out with friends?

Remember … for work or play – you can take transit every day.

The St. Louis metropolitan area has a safe, integrated and affordable public transportation system. It includes a MetroLink alignment that stretches 46 miles and includes 38 stations along the way. Plus, there are 86 MetroBus routes. This makes it easy for individuals to utilize the system to get to and from work or anywhere else they need to go.

Public transit is a low-cost means of travel. It allows riders to avoid long lines of traffic congestion and save money on gas and other expenses associated with traveling via a car, like costly downtown and airport parking. And instead of focusing on the road, riders can use commuting time to listen to music, scroll through social channels, play games, study, catch up on emails and so much more.

Individuals who are new to the area and other first-time transit users can take advantage of Citizens for Modern Transit’s Try & Ride program, which is designed to help them navigate the system. This free resource includes customized route information, helpful tips and free fare for the first month. For all the details, click here.

Get in route to a better commute. Click here to gain access to MetroLink and MetroBus schedules.

Work. Play. Take Transit Every Day.

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