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CMT’s Try and Ride Program


  • Tired of sitting in traffic?
  • Gas prices eating into your budget?
  • Not sure about using transit?

Citizens for Modern Transit’s Try & Ride program helps address all of these questions and many more.

The Try & Ride program will provide complimentary transit tickets for one month, giving riders time to test and learn the new system. The program requires riders to commit to utilizing the bus or train for one additional month at their own expense for a total of two months.

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  • Personalized transit routes for your work or school commute that includes the best modern transit options via MetroBus, MetroLink or a combination of both.
  • Complimentary tickets for the first month for commuting.*
    • Program registrants will be sent tickets for riding the system 3 days a week. If after the first full commute week, participants commit to riding 5 days a week for the month, contact CMT to request tickets for the remainder of the first month.  **Photo identification required for additional tickets for the month.
  • Registration in the Guaranteed Ride Home Program.
    • The Guaranteed Ride Home program provides a security blanket for transit commuters in case of a personal emergency, sickness, or unscheduled overtime. In such cases, Guaranteed Ride Home participants receive either a subsidized cab ride home or subsidized rental car. Guidelines are available at Guaranteed Ride Home.
  • The Try & Ride program is complimentary to new transit riders in Missouri and Illinois.
  • Participants are asked to commit to using transit for two months for their work or school commute.
    • This does not mean every day of the week for eight weeks — the commitment is to travel by public transit three to four days per week. CMT will cover the first month of tickets and participants will be responsible for the second month. Many participants may already work for an employer which will cover all or a portion of the cost of the transit pass.
  • Participants are asked to take two quick surveys.5
    • Participants will be asked to take a quick survey at the end of the first month and a final survey at the end of the two-month transit commitment. Participants must sign a letter of commitment agreeing to these terms for the two-month period. Once registered, participants will receive the Transit Try & Ride Packet in the mail.

1st Month Survey: 
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2nd Month Survey: 
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Commute Cost Calculator

Calculate how much your commute costs and see how much you can save by taking public transportation.

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Rules and Regulations

CMT reserves the right to deny any application for any reason. In addition, any incomplete applications for the CMT Try & Ride program will not be processed and will be denied.

This program is only available to individuals who do not currently take transit for their work or school commutes. Limit of 4 individual registrants per household address within a 12-month periodno other registrants per house/apartment allowed during this time period. If for any reason, CMT suspects abuse of the program, all applications will be denied.

Fraudulent applications resulting in abuse of the program,  including resale of tickets, may result in civil and criminal penalties

Transit Benefits

Why It Pays


to Ride

  • Modern public transit is not just a ride for someone else. While thousands of St. Louisans regularly use transit, there is still plenty of room on board for others to give it a try.
  • According to the American Public Transit Association, individuals who choose transit over owning a car can save more than $9,000 a year.
  • According to the U.S. Center for Disease Control, Americans need to be active a minimum of 20 minutes each day. With Missouri’s obesity levels topping 30 percent and diabetes and heart disease on the rise, residents need opportunities to get moving and be healthy. Public transit users get that exercise at one or both ends of their trips.
  • In addition, according to the American Public Transit Association, every dollar invested in public transit has a four-dollar return for this region. Since its opening in 1993, there has been more than $16 billion in development completed within a half-mile of the MetroLink system.

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