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Weigh in on Rams Settlement Spending and Support Public Transit in St. Louis

Residents of the City of St. Louis can weigh in on how they want the city to spend the $250 million it won in the settlement with the NFL over the departure of the Rams.  The Board of Aldermen is gathering public feedback through an online survey with a listing of 20 proposals, whittled down from over 700 ideas previously submitted by the public.

City residents must register through the online portal by February 2nd to vote for their preferred proposals.  Included among the listed proposals is Support for the Northside -Southside Jefferson Avenue Expansion of MetroLink.  CMT encourages city residents to express their support for the expansion of Public Transit in St. Louis and provide their feedback on how the city should spend the Rams Settlement funds.

VOTE on Priority Ideas HERE


Check out additional CMT resources on the Northside-Southside MetroLink Expansion Project below:

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