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The Board, Explore and Win Campaign Highlights Benefits of Robust Transit System

Seven weeks of exploring and prize-winning fun! The Board, Explore and Win campaign was a well-received demonstration of how a robust system grants access to work and play destinations. CMT partnered with Metro Transit and St. Clair County Transit District to promote how easy it is to safely utilize the region’s safe and reliable public transportation system to access hundreds of St. Louis’ hottest attractions.

Between July 14 and August 31, individuals who visited St. Louis area destinations via MetroLink or MetroBus logged their trips at for an entry to win weekly prize packages. The St. Louis Transit Passport served as a guide to exploring some of the top, local tourist destinations and provided instructions on how to get to each via transit.

Throughout the summer, CMT’s (@CMT_STL) and Metro Transit’s (@STLMetro) social media channels provided updates on winners, live videos featuring the destinations highlighted in the Passport, interviews, and other content on how to use the local transit system to Board, Explore & Win.

A look at the weekly winners of the Board, Explore, and Win Campaign:

Week 1 Winner – Shannon is a frequent transit rider and local transit advocate. He believes St. Louis has a safe and convenient system that everyone should give a try. He commented on his experience with public transit stating, “Public transit connects me to communities and events in St. Louis, at the same time letting me experience the pulse of a city.” Hear more from Shannon here.

Week 2 Winner – Dave is a construction framer and carpenter in Illinois. He explained that transit saves him a lot of money getting to work, a benefit that is very important to him. “I’m working my way back up in the world trying to get better,” he said. “So the reason I ride Metro is because I’m starting from scratch, so I can ride the bus and trains cheaper. I got a car last week and I’m driving it on weekends, but transit is cheaper during the week.”

Week 3 Winner – Kym, works and lives in Illinois and is a longtime fan and user of public transportation. She noted, “I have always enjoyed using the transit system. I live in Illinois and frequently park at the MetroLink lot in East St. Louis and ride the MetroLink to Forest Park, the Zoo, and in prior years, the stadium. I find it much easier than fighting traffic and finding parking.” As a former Family Services Worker, she believes it is important for people of all ages and walks of life to know how to use the transit system and be comfortable in doing so. “I am an advocate in training children and families on the benefits of transit. I think the more exposure people have, the more comfortable and confident they feel about transit systems in general. I often took my own children on the MCT bus so that in the event they needed to use the transit system they could do so on their own,” added Kym.

Week 4 Winner – Marie has been riding Metro to work for decades. The low-stress, hands-free and hassle-free rides have given her more free time during her commute. “For more than 30 years, I have been taking MetroBus and MetroLink to my job. I love that I can read and have no stress of driving to and from work. The drivers over the years, have been awesome. Many have gone the extra mile,” she commented.

Week 5 Winner – Beth used her St. Louis Transit Passport to explore the Art Museum in Forest Park over the summer.  With the Forest Park prize-pack she received she will be able to visit the Boat House, local restaurants nearby. She enjoys her regular rides on MetroBus #90 and #9.

Week 6 Winner – Mary takes the MetroLink to work. She works at not one but two hospitals in the area and this mode of transportation can get her to both locations. Being in different locations every day can be challenging, but Mary uses MetroLink to make the journey a little more hassle-free. Without the need to worry about parking or traffic, she can reliably get where she needs to go.

Week 7 Winner – Elizabeth is a multimodal commuter. She takes MetroBus #11 and MetroLink to work every day. This allows her to enjoy the ride and explore the city while getting where she needs to go.

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