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Take the Earth Day Challenge!

Going to the Earth Day Festival this weekend?  This is the perfect time to get on board with public transit!  The 2018 St. Louis Earth Day Festival is being held April 21-22 at Forest Park on the Muny grounds from 11 am to 5 pm daily.  There will be plenty of food, music, and activities!

The St. Louis Earth Day Festival is a community tradition to learn about sustainable products and services offered by local businesses and organizations, meet local area non-profits that share Earth Day values, as well as showcasing local entertainment and local Green Dining Alliance restaurants.

Earth Day Festival organizers are encouraging visitors to reach the festival through sustainable modes of transportation through the Earth Day Challenge. Using sustainable transportation like riding the Metrolink, taking the bus, riding a bike, or walking to the Festival are the first suggested activities on the list.  Active, sustainable transportation reduces your carbon footprint while giving you a healthy workout.

Transit is great for getting to festivals and special events, but have you considered taking transit for your commute?  Give it a try with the CMT’s Try and Ride Program.  This comprehensive, award-winning program provides participants with the opportunity to try our transit system, get personalized routes, discover money-saving benefits and make your commute more sustainable!  Complimentary tickets are provided for the first month of commuting.

Still not on board with transit?  The Guaranteed Ride Home Program is an incentive for commuters to commute to work by transit or bicycling rather than driving alone. It allows employees to take transit/bicycle while providing them a “safety net”, an assurance that they can get home and not be left at work if a situation arises. This program provides immediate transportation in case of an emergency, sickness or unscheduled overtime. In effect, the program serves as a security blanket for those individuals who choose transit or bicycling as their commute option.

Visit the Earth Day Challenge web-page for more information about the festival and the challenge.  Check out the festival via MetroLink, MetroBus, or even bike-share!

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