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St. Louisans getting on board with CMT Try & Ride- 435 Enrollees and Counting!

todmorganselfieJust think about it, 435 people have committed to take transit 3 days a week for 2 months to see if transit is a viable commute option for them.  At the very least, that’s 870 new rides every week, 3,480 a month.  This is CMT’s first ridership program that has impacted ridership so significantly in such a short amount of time.  We’re more than halfway toward the goal we set for the program and we’ve only just begun!  It’s a transit revolution in St. Louis, it’s awesome, and we know you want to try it too!

As many of you have heard, Todd Morgan from KHITS and Paul Cook from Y98 tried transit to launch the program back in June. Since that time, more and more St. Louisans have gotten on board to give transit a try.  Beginning in September, CMT has partnered with the Green Business Challenge to launch a new competition for Green Business Participants – The Try & Ride Green Business Corporate Challenge. Initial contestants include Arcturis, Christner, The Lawrence Group and Jacobs.

So stay tuned for more adventures to come.  Or EVEN BETTER, sign up today and see if transit will work for you!



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