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St. Louisans are Crushing on Transit, Find out How You Can Give Transit a Try

It’s February and transit love💗is in the air. St. Louisans are crushing on transit across the region. Transit is a safe and cost-effective transportation option utilized daily by thousands of area residents. Find out what makes transit such a heartthrob with the first month of rides on CMT through the Try and Ride Program!

This comprehensive, award-winning program provides participants with the opportunity to try the St. Louis transit system, get personalized routes, discover money-saving benefits, and more. CMT is confident that once you give transit a try, you’ll fall in love with the many benefits and make transit a part of your regular commute.

Register for the CMT Try and Ride program and find more program details here.

Just a few of the reasons St. Louisans are crushing on transit:

💗 Love for Safety

💙 Love for Accessibility

💚 Love for Reliability

💛 Love for Saving Money

💜 Love for Relaxing Fun

Try and Ride Program Details – A Complete Solution

  1. CMT Try & Ride program registrants will be sent tickets for riding the system 3 days a week. If after the first full commute week, participants commit to riding 5 days a week for the month, contact CMT to request tickets for the rest of the first month.  **Photo identification required for additional tickets for the month.
  2. The Guaranteed Ride Home program provides a security blanket for transit commuters in case of a personal emergency, sickness, or unscheduled overtime. In such cases, Guaranteed Ride Home participants receive either a subsidized cab ride home or subsidized rental car. Guidelines are available at Guaranteed Ride Home.

Hear more from St. Louisans that are #CrushingOnTransit below:

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