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Invaluable Feedback Rolling in From CMT Try & Ride Participants

cmt_pushdown Y98One of the best parts of CMT’s Try & Ride Program is the feedback we get from participants.  The comments are sometimes inspiring and sometimes highlight areas where the system has room for growth, but all in all it’s interesting to read their stories and we have gathered a few testimonials to share below.

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The following answers were in response to the question –

Tell us one of your most memorable experiences on the system:

  • “Meeting someone else on the train who is an opponent in an online game. I also really like being able to listen to my music with my headphones while I am walking and riding the train.”
  • “The books I’ve read.”
  • “My 5 year old son loves riding the bus with me to chesterfield mall.”
  • “Excitement of accurately timing walk to get to metro-link JUST in time to board. (And unplanned enjoyable moments to myself when JUST missing metro-link) Ha!”
  • “Getting off right in front of my job, not having to walk a long distance.”
  • “More relaxing than I thought”
  • “Bus driver was knowledgeable of connections and routes”
  • “Looking a the Rams fans on their way to the game”
  • “Everyday I show up to work on time! I’m notoriously late when I drive myself but having a time I have to be somewhere (bus stop) to catch a ride I’m always punctual!”
  • “more time to myself to read”
  • “I enjoy not having to drive into work.”
  • “Sightseeing”
  • “There are several, but it all really reminded me of the transit system I used in Columbia Missouri. I only used the bus to go to the grocery store, and walked everywhere else (including work). Where I worked also had a car-sharing program. I missed all of that, and may consider moving even closer to work in the future.”
  • “I can’t say I have a most memorable, but I’ve enjoyed seeing how the drivers know many of the riders that ride their route and seem to be friendly with each other.”
  • “As a new resident of St. Louis, I’ve had lots of friendly people talk to me while on the MetroLink and suggest places to go.”
  • “Two teenagers boarded the afternoon bus from Grand to Ballwin. They didn’t realize that the bus would not return later that evening. Several passengers helped them find an alternate route.”
  • I made several friends”
  • “Once, when getting off the Metrolink at UMSL, I ran into one of the girls from my old high school. It turned out that she was taking summer classes at UMSL. After talking for a few minutes, I realized that she was looking for an internship in public relations. It was perfect because of my friends had just opened a PR firm the year before and was looking for volunteers or interns for the fall. I gave her the information and told her I would send an introduction email to my friend, to introduce her before she contacted the company about an internship. About two weeks later I got an email from her saying that she now has an internship lined for the fall with my friend’s company! It never would have run into her if I wasn’t on Metro!”
  • Talking with a woman from Vermont on the platform.”
  • “I love hearing the stories and conversations of the regulars on the bus”
  • “70 degree day, picked up iced coffee at the local shop and walked about a mile to the bus. Great walk and moment to enjoy my neighborhood.”
  • “I met a deaf guy who is now a regular bus friend, and am brushing up my mostly forgotten sign language skills.”

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