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Help Your Employees with Transit with CMT’s Try & Ride

Try & Ride Banner for Y98With more than  200 local drivers trying transit for the first time, now is a great time for local employers to encourage employees to try transit too.  CMT often hears about parking restrictions, parking costs, and the countless other hassles of driving to work every day.  In an attempt to help encourage commuters to try transit, CMT launched it’s Try & Ride program in June to help your company reduce solo commuters too.

Are you curious about trying transit or getting folks at your work site to give it a try?

Host a Try & Ride Info Session at your Workplace!

To host a Try & Ride Info Session, send CMT an e-mail at with a couple breakfast or lunch date possibilities in the coming months and CMT will come to your worksite and introduce you and your colleagues to the program, to the transit system, and to a host of other incentives available for making a transit commute a viable commute option for the region’s residents.


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