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And the 2020 Bus Crush Poetry Contest Winner is…

Congratulations to John Robertson for winning the CMT 2020 Bus Crush poetry contest.  John’s winning poem can be found below.  Participants were asked to submit a love poem for public transit to reveal their “Bus Crush.” Poets were required to use #LoveInMotion or #IHeartTransit when posting their poems to social media to be eligible to win.  After a round of voting, Robertson’s poem received the most votes.  Thank you to everyone that participated. To view all entries, visit the voting page here.

Cold rain streaks the windows,
but I’m safe here from the storm.
Umbrella tucked beside my seat,
the bus is good and warm.
I’ve grown to love this familiar time
that always caps my day.
With earbuds in and a book in my lap,
stress just fades away.
At my stop I grab my things,
step out into the cold.
Seasons come and seasons go,
but my route home never gets old.
-John R.

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