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2020 Bus Crush Poetry Contest Vote

Update: Voting has closed. You can view all poem entries below.

The 2020 Bus Crush poetry contest has come to an end.

What did we learn? The bus is your friend!

Now cast your vote through the survey below.

Do it today, and don’t be slow!

Deadline Friday, February 28th, 2020.

2020 Entries:



Cold rain streaks the windows,
but I’m safe here from the storm.
Umbrella tucked beside my seat,
the bus is good and warm.
I’ve grown to love this familiar time
that always caps my day.
With earbuds in and a book in my lap,
stress just fades away.
At my stop I grab my things,
step out into the cold.

Seasons come and seasons go,
but my route home never gets old.

-John R.



I remember
Sunny bus rides
Midnight flesh
Skin gleam sweat
Quiet reflections
Hands worn
Of a man I once noticed on an evening ride
The beauty of his poise, solitude, the mystery
I am an observer
I see you

Another ride
Someone points to my building
I’ve been seen

-Denise J.


Eager faces wait
For transit so they aren’t late
The bus is my date

-Nicole G



Grand is not a sweet enough name
You put all other bus routes to shame
You come by so often, it’s almost insane
You carry us where we all need to go
Stopping and going, but speedily so
With frequency high, the wait time is low
You keep up with traffic, and steady the flow
Now it is time, I really must go
But what is your name, I really must know
The Seventy Route, or Grand all the same
For truly spoken, what’s in a name?

– Bus Rider



From the 1-Gold to the 410 Eureka Express
We see you travel North, South, East and West
Across our great region
Oh amazing bus, you are simply the best

We love you when you’re on time
And even when you are late
Because without you gracious bus
We couldn’t get from place to place

So keep on moving beautiful bus
From stop to stop
Whether we hop on or hop off
In our hearts you’re on top


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