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Winner! CMT Best Transit Pic Contest-April

For the ninth month CMT has hosted The Citizens for Modern Best Transit Pic Contest. The winner receives a free month-long Metro pass. This month’s winner was selected by American Institute of Architects Executive Director Michelle Swatek.  This shot was taken at a MetroLink crossing, and successfully shows the contrasting pace of a Metro train to the typical train crossing.

…And the winner is:
Chris Reimer!

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We are hosting the contest again in May.  To promote our month, Make Your Move On Metro, we are asking you to send us pictures of people making their own move on Metro….pictures of people on the MetroBus and MetroLink, stations, stops, trolleys, trains, buses, shuttles, etc. We want to see your transit pics!

You may send your photo entries to: or Post it to our Facebook or Twitter pages. For more info or to view the event page: CMT Best Transit Pic of the Month – May.

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