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Will Bus Rapid Transit Be the Means Metro Uses to Extend its Reach?

Metro held 2 of its 3 public meetings over the last week to present the studyarea_map_largerresults of a recent rapid transit study.  They explored options for expanding Metro services along highway corridors – I-70, I-64, I-44, and I-55.  There is a recognized need for the quick expansion of high-performance transit services along these routes and this study provides information necessary for the pursuit of Federal funding needed to build any large transit project.

The meetings include an open house with white board portrayals of the study results and a presentation that invites participants to respond to the findings and the plans Metro will consider in light of the results.

At the meetings, Metro representatives show the results of their corridor screenings, which involve analysis of current traffic, transit use, income levels, housing and employer data.  Using the information from these studies, they identified two primary routes that have “both the greatest need and the greatest potential for successful transit investments.”  Some of their findings might surprise you, but one of the primary solutions being considered as a result of this study is a bus rapid transit line that loops the entire area and connects people to existing Metro lines and operations.

If you are interested in learning more or weighing in on the results, I highly recommend attending the final open house on Friday, April 5 from 11:30-1:30p, with a presentation at noon.  The meeting will be held at the City of St. Louis City Hall ; 2nd Floor Hallway, outside Kennedy Room; 1200 Market Street; St. Louis, Missouri 63103. 

To read more about this study, visit –

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