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Weigh in with MoDOT on Need to Fund Transit

MoDOT is currently hosting meetings across the state and taking comments on its $1 billion annual Unfunded Needs List ( ).  From the broader unfunded needs, MoDOT has developed a High Priority Unfunded Needs list to guide the development of projects into funded projects as state and federal transportation funds increase.

Right now, transit is included on the unfunded, multi-modal needs list totaling $1billion (Transit projects comprise $170 million of the $1 billion list). MoDOT’s current plan is to allocate $80 million annually for multi-modal projects of all types.  Please weigh in to ensure transit is prioritized based on  its impact on the state.  The list of transit projects is attached.

It is very important for transit riders in MO weigh in on the importance of investment in TRANSIT.  You can submit comments online here:

Scroll down for meeting dates and sample letters.

Missouri Unfunded High Priority  MultiModal Needs  $1B after
Tier 1-3
District: County  Route  Project description Estimated Funding Needed
Northwest Buchanan Expand bus storage for St. Joeseph Transit  $ 545,000
Northeast Marion US 61 Additional OATS Transit Service  $ 6,000,000
Kansas City Urban Jackson CST E 18th St Interjurisdictional Transit Service Operational Costs  $ 36,000,000
Kansas City Urban Jackson CST E 18th St Interjurisdictional Transit Service Operational Costs  $ 36,000,000
Central Cole CST Missouri Blvd Rural State Transit Assistance District-Wide  $ 1,072,000
Central Cole BU 50 Urbanized State Transit Assistance District-Wide  $ 2,174,000
Central Cole CST E Miller Street Bus Facility Replacement in Jefferson City  $ 9,000,000
Central Boone CST Lakeview Ave Bus Facility Remodeling at Grissum Building in Columbia  $ 1,025,000
St. Louis St. Louis CST Northwest Industrial Court Vehicle Replacement at OATS  $ 792,000
St. Louis St. Louis SCT Northwest Industrial Ct. Oats Transit Service  $ 300,000
St. Louis St. Louis City CST Spruce Street Ligh Rail Vehicle Replacement at Metro  $ 43,000,000
St. Louis St. Louis City CST Spruce Street Electric Bus Acquisition at Metro  $ 12,000,000
St. Louis St. Louis City CST Spruce Street Update all Metro Bus Stops to ADA Standards  $ 7,700,000
St. Louis St. Louis City CST Spruce Street Mobility on Demand Sevices at Metro  $ 2,650,000
Southwest Rural Greene CST Packer Road OATS Capital Expansion in the  Rural Southwest District  $ 2,000,000
Southwest Rural Greene CST Packer Road OATS Service Operations Expansion in Rural Southwest District  $ 5,000,000
Southwest Rural Jasper MO 66 Transfer Center in Joplin  $ 3,000,000
Southwest Rural Jasper MO 66 Joplin Transit Capital Improvements  $ 315,000
Southwest Rural Greene CST Packer Road Address Gaps in Rural Transit in Kaysinger Basin Regional Planning Commission Area  $ 213,000
Southwest Urban Greene CST Packer Road Replace vehicles for Oats Transit  $ 2,000,000
Total   $ 170,786,000


Or We are asking riders to attend upcoming meetings including:

Monday, November 29, 4-6 PM
Audrain County Courthouse
101 N. Jefferson St.
Mexico, MO 65265

Wednesday, December 1, 4:30-6:30 PM
Jefferson City High School Cafeteria
609 Union St
Jefferson City, MO 65101

Thursday, December 2, 3-5 PM
Osage Centre
1625 N Kingshighway
Cape Girardeau, MO 63701

Friday, December 3, 10AM – Noon
Cameron Regional YMCA – Theater
1903 N. Walnut
Cameron, MO 64429

Tuesday, December 7, 4-6 PM
Mid-America Regional Council
600 Broadway Blvd Ste 200
Kansas City, MO 64105

Wednesday, December 8, 4-6 PM
Forest Park Visitor Center
5595 Grand Dr
St. Louis, MO 63112

Thursday, December 9, 4-6 PM
Warrensburg Municipal Court
200 S. Holden St.
Warrensburg, MO 64093

Sample Letter (please consider personalizing with your project needs)

Thank you for the opportunity to weigh in on Missouri’s High Priority Unfunded Needs.  We know that Missouri’s transportation system is an asset to the state, however, we need to ensure that Transit is a priority in the list of unfunded needs.   As stated on the website, MODOT’s vision for its transportation future is best captured by the five goals established by Missourians in the Long-Range Transportation Plan. In priority order, they are: 1) Take care of the transportation system; 2) Keep all travelers safe; 3) Invest in projects that spur economic growth and create jobs; 4) Give Missourians better transportation choices; and 5) Improve reliability and reduce congestion.   Transit delivers on each of these five priorities every year in every county in the state. 


Since transportation needs greatly outweigh funding available, we know the challenge is to determine the optimal projects to fund that provide the greatest return on investment to taxpayers. Transit’s return on investment is more than $3 billion to the state’s bottom line annually and ensuring transportation accessibility to nearly everyone in every county, every day. Right now, Missouri is providing less than $1.8 million annually for 34 providers.   This plan includes 19 transit projects totaling $170 million in funding requests from across the state on the high-priority unfunded, multi-modal projects needs list as a part of this program.  

Missouri continues to rank 45th in the nation with regards to transit investment. In fact, state funding has remained stagnant since 2018. Any increase could exponentially change the game on economic returns. The state needs to get back on track, and MoDOT and the Missouri Highway and Transportation Commission have an opportunity to ensure increased transit investment is a must for the success of the state transportation system.  Thank you.



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