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Weigh In Today on Key Enhancements Needed at 5 MetroLink Stations

A Metro study is currently underway being led by consultant WSP to look at enhancements to five stations along the MetroLink alignment: Laclede’s Landing, 8th & Pine, Convention Center, Forest Park and Delmar.   The study will be looking for enhancements/improvements to meet the following goals: enhance customer experience, activate the space around transit stations, and to address safety and security concerns.   CMT is asking its members and transit riders to weigh in on their thoughts to improve the experience at each of these five stations.

Tell us your thoughts today.

Here are a few comments from our Facebook page:

  •  Two new lines running north and south.
  • Get rid of private security and establishing a Statewide Transportation police force not subject to local shenanigans.
  • Shrewsbury to South County Mall
    • That was actually the original plan. Blue was supposed to go to I-55/Butler Hill, but they scrapped it.
      • They should end in Jefferson County in Aronld at Hyway 141
  • Build the Daniel Boone Corodoor
  • A new automated announcement systems on the trains
  • I would also like more transit in neighborhoods of color, and not less. North St Louis needs more Transit. And maybe convince Saint Charles that we need to extend metro into their County? At least to 5th Street, if not Mid Rivers Mall.
  • I would like enhancements to the red line. You know, the line that goes through the neighborhoods of color? From Delmar all the way to North Hanley. And the Rock Road Metrolink Station needs a major upgrade.
  • More weather protection (shade for summer, heat for winter, etc). Personally, I don’t find uniformed security makes for a safer environment, but I guess it’s relative to the target demographic
    • I agree that protection from the elements is important. Are fans a viable option for the summer? Similar to the heaters in the winter.
    • Bathrooms would be helpful. It would also be nice if the security would police the bus stop areas as well. I get that technically they aren’t part of the station, but if people don’t tell safe as they walk up to the station, they won’t ride. And there is tons of sketchy stuff going on at the Delmar and Forest Park bus stops.
  • Uniformed police on every train More stations everywhere
  • Restrooms requiring ticket or token only access along the system would be fantastic!
  • Books
  • Bathrooms!
  • More commuters stations.
  • Water fountains!
  • Safety
  • Bathrooms
    USB ports
    Commerce (food, coffee, Amazon boxes for people commuting)
    Info on cultural things in and around the city

    • and with automatic decontamination sprays after each use.
    • Bathrooms are a good idea.
  • Better land use and walkability within 1/4 mile of stations.
  • I would like to see *more* stations. North and South lines, to start.
  • The North West entrance to the 8th and Pine stop can be improved:
    – It needs new signs (the current one are faded and peeled off)
    – big trash dumpsters are constantly lined next to the entrance with consequent smell (very poor placement)
    – every morning the steps are wet with urine which smells terrible and makes them slippery. Maybe we need a portable toilet at street level to prevent that behavior.

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