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WeCar Doubles Usage & Adds Civic Hybrids

Today we had our quarterly meeting with the St. Louis WeCar representative. Nothing but good news to report for this ever-growing program.  The program 300+ members have doubled usage over the last year.  Washington University has 10 WeCars on their campus, and subsidizes the hourly rate so that it’s only $5 per hour for students.  Downtown St. Louis has 6 WeCars with rates of only $8 per hour.  Over the next few months some of the original Prius WeCars will be replaced with new Honda Civic Hybrids and they will be be rolling out the WeCar smartphone app. Lastly, they are looking at expanding the program through replacing business fleets with WeCars.

Here at CMT we love the WeCar. It’s a great way alleviate yourself from the cost of car ownership, and works well in one-car households. CMT sponsors the WeCar at 10th Street & Washington and was instrumental in bring the WeCar program to St. Louis.

CMT Sponsored WeCar at 10th & Washington

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