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Walkabout Policy Brief Highlights Opportunities at North Hanley MetroLink

The brief issued on the findings of the North Hanley MetroLink Walkabout is now available.  The Walkabout, which occurred on October 12, 2012, was designed to spur ideas for development and improvement around the North Hanley MetroLink Station.  As the 3rd busiest stop on the MetroLink alignment, there is major potential for development at this transit station.

Many suggestions from the Walkabout centered on the vast parking lot surrounding the station.  With 1705 spaces and limited lighting and safety measures for pedestrians, the park-and-ride lot presents a challenge to transit-oriented development (TOD) at the station, but also opportunities.  Suggestions for improvement in this area included adding trees and vegetation, better lighting, reduced trash, more benches and shelters for riders, wider sidewalks, and improved access for seniors and those with disabilities.

Long term goals for the station seek to incorporate more housing, retail, and other services into the surrounding area.  Ideas included a grocery store, pharmacy, urgent care center, coffee shop, or multi-family housing.  While integration with the surrounding community and improved overall access are top concerns, re-evaluating zoning in the area will be critical to the success of any TOD efforts.  Because the North Hanley station is shared by unincorporated St. Louis County and the City of Berkeley, collaboration on these issues will be needed.

To view the full brief, please click here.

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