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Wabash Station key to larger development moving forward?

Banner Pics 1Communities across the country are realizing the benefits of Transit Oriented Development’s ability to create livable, walkable communities.  Citizens for Modern Transit and the Skinker DeBaliviere Community Council partnered through a grant from Rise St. Louis to focus on the Wabash Station as a potential gateway to transit in the St. Louis region.

The Wabash Station Building, currently owned by Joe Edwards, sits on the north side of Delmar Ave., south of the Delmar MetroLink Station.   The building has been closed for several years.  Area stakeholders’ seek to revitalize the area and reactivate the streetscape to increase vibrancy of the community. Area plans, which included significant public engagement, have recognized the opportunity this site presents and the transformative effect it would have on the business and residential districts surrounding it.

As a result of community engagement this past summer, a visioning session in June and subsequent steering committee and stakeholder meetings a common goal for the site was formed – a larger, multi-use, mixed income development plan with the Wabash Station as the focal point:

  • An inviting, walkable TOD plan
  • Link to neighborhoods north and south of station
  • Mixed use, mixed income development
  • Create regional connectivity
  • Access to jobs
  • Increased transit options available to site

For a quick synopsis –Transit key to revision of Wabash Station



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