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According to Center for Transportation Excellence, 29 out of 36 measures supporting public transit passed so far

Voters on Tuesday demonstrated overwhelming support for public transit by approving 14 out of 19 measures supporting public transit. According to the Center for Transportation Excellence,  last night’s results add to the 15 public transit measures already passed by voters this year, bringing this year’s total to 29 out of 36 wins for public transit, an 80.56% win rate.

The measures winning at the ballot box Tuesday represent billions in new funding.
Some of last night’s biggest victories for public transit include

  • An extension of a half-cent sales tax for 30 years in San Francisco, CA.
  • A statewide ballot initiative in Massachusetts that would place additional 4% tax on earners over $1 million . The revenue can be used for education, roads, bridges, and public transportation.
  • A $52,630,000 bond to fund a variety of transportation, road, pedestrian enhancement and transit projects across Arlington County, VA.
  • Two propositions to stay with Capital Metro and maintain public transit service in Lago Vista and Manor, TX.
  • Multiple transportation millage renewals and initiatives in Michigan, including:
    • A levy of 0.478-mill to continue the Bay Area Transit Authority’s bus service in both Grand Traverse & Leelanau County for four years.
    • A 6-year renewal of 0.2 of 1-millage for the Huron Transit Corporation in Huron County.
    • A renewal of a 0.95-mill rate to maintain and increase SMART transit services for five years in Macomb County.
    • A 10-year, countywide 0.95-mill rate to fund SMART bus transportation system and expand mass transit in Oakland County.
    • A four-year 0.996-mill tax for SMART services in Wayne County.
  • Several countywide sales tax measures in Colorado, such as:
    • An extension of the 0.1% countywide transportation sales tax in Boulder County.
    • A 0.5-cent sales tax increase to fund a new transit authority in Eagle County.
    • An extension of the Pikes Peak Regional Transportation Authority’s 1-cent sales tax for 10 years in El Paso County.

APTA’s Center for Transportation Excellence tracks all of the measures at its website and
through its Twitter account.

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