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Vote TRANSIT as a key way to GROW STL!

The third round of the GROW STL Contest opens today! I know many of you have a definite opinion about Monsanto one way or another, but as a non- profit we have to continually look for new ways to raise money in this economy. I hope you will consider that when making a decision to vote for CMT- We think TRANSIT is one of the BEST WAYS to GROW STL! Help us by voting once a day – it only takes a minute. Thanks!!!

Remember, the first time you vote, you will receive an email to ensure that your email address is valid.

Monsanto ~ Grow St. Louis Contest Voting Form

Monsanto is pledging to help St. Louis grow by awarding $15,000, $10,000, and $5,000 awards to local projects. Vote for your favorite entry now.

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