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Chance to get involved in community discussions for HUD Grant

The HUD Regional Planning & Sustainable Development Grant that was awarded to the St. Louis is underway.  The goal of this effort is to envision a better future for St. Louis region that is sustainable,  equitable, and livable. The first round of community meetings has been set. As a consortium partner on this grant, CMT can not stress enough how important it is for you to get involved and make sure your ideas are heard!

 Part of this regional planning process will be focused on 11 diverse Community Planning Areas (CPAs) selected as a representative sampling of communities across our region.  This year-long engagement process includes four meetings in each CPA. Our success relies upon robust citizen participation. Residents, business owners, and public leaders of these communities are encouraged to attend these meetings to share your hopes, concerns, and expectations for your community’s future.

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Schedule of meetings for Community Planning Areas for St. Louis Region

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