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Village of Swansea Seeking a Developer for Area Around MetroLink Station

The Village of Swansea and their collaboration team, consisting of Village Engineering Firm Thouvenot, Wade, and Moerchen, PGAV Planners, St. Louis METRO, and the St. Clair County Transit District, have spent multiple years analyzing the area surrounding the Swansea MetroLink Station to determine the best path towards redevelopment. Through an Urban Land Institute TAP Panel and the yearlong Old Town Swansea Streetscape Masterplan, the team has prepared the needed framework for redevelopment. Further, the Village has been acquiring property within the redevelopment area and is in the initial stages of significant infrastructure improvements.  Now, the Village of Swansea is seeking a developer to move a transit-oriented development forward.

Swansea’s plan is to partner with a development agency to create a transit-oriented development which is centered around the Swansea MetroLink Station. The vision is for the development to include high-density single-family residential, light commercial, fast food / full-service restaurants, personal services (dry cleaner, hair salon, etc.), and niche retail. Given the placement of the subject site on the MetroLink line, residents will be able to have a car-free lifestyle while still having convenient access to major regional employers, shopping, medical facilities, and entertainment options throughout the St. Louis region.

In addition, the site features a trailhead for the MetroBikeLink, a 15-mile bike trail system that parallels the MetroLink line and provides quick, safe access to the nearby High Mount School, Melvin Price Memorial Park, as well as the ever-expanding bike trail system of St. Clair and Madison Counties. Further, the subject site is located directly adjacent to the intersection of IL Rte 159 and IL Rte 161, providing connectivity to major north-south and east-west transportation corridors.

Development agencies interesting in obtaining further information about the project can contact Swansea Building and Zoning Director Dallas Alley at 618-234-0044 ext. 107 or and should download this packet for more information.

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