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Time for Missourians to Weigh In on Public Transit

Discussions are intensifying on Capitol Hill around the infrastructure bill in the Senate. The U.S. House passed a five-year $715 billion INVEST in America Act the first week in July.  The bill includes $343 billion in roads, bridges and safety investments, $109 billion in transit and $95 billion in passenger and freight rail investments. The $109 billion in transit investments, a 140 percent increase, includes:

  • $40.5 billion: Urbanized and Rural Area Formula Grants
  • $24 billion: State of Good Repair Grants
  • $21.5 billion: Capital Investment Grants
  • $11 billion: Bus and Bus Facilities, including over $4 billion for zero-emission buses
  • $2 billion: Enhanced Mobility of Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities
  • $1 billion: All Stations Accessibility Programs Grants (Americans with Disabilities Act Grants)
  • $1 billion: Reducing Transit Deserts
  • $416 million: Bus Frequency/Ridership Competitive Grants
  • $134 million: Transit Supportive Communities

The bill now moves to the Senate, which has its own version of surface transportation reauthorization.

Please consider calling your Senators and delivering the following message:

[Senator’s name] needs to stand up for transit and don’t support infrastructure legislation unless it provides a better share for transit than 20% of transportation funding.

Talking points:

  • Federal transportation policy has basically been on auto-pilot with 80% of transportation funding to highways and 20% to public transportation.
  • Public transportation – the lifeline for essential workers not just during the pandemic but for the past forty years – has been left behind.
  • We are facing a triple crisis – historic practices and under investments in communities of color – inequity; getting back to work, and climate warming – highlighted by this summer’s extreme weather.
  • Missouri transit is delivering more than 60 million rides each year in every county in Missouri.
  • Missouri transit providers are delivering inspite of the lack of state support for public transit.
  • Current reports suggest that instead of increasing the share of funding that goes to transit, negotiators are considering cutting it back, so that even less of the federal transportation program will go toward clean, affordable public transportation.
  • Transit is delivering to Missouri’s bottom line as well with an economic impact of more than $3.6 billion each year.
  • Add your personal transit story.


Links to Missouri Senator Contact Information:

Missouri Senator Roy Blunt

Missouri Senator Josh Hawley

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