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The Cottages at Cathedral Square Development

A new senior housing community which will be known as The Cottages at Cathedral Square, due to its close proximity to St. Peter’s Cathedral, will located in downtown Belleville, IL.  The project is expected to cost $5 million, will host 32 1,000 square foot apartment-style living spaces and span four single-story buildings.  At the center of these buildings will be a courtyard.


The development has been in planning stages for the past two years, but the full funding for the project is expected to be known in October, with construction possibly beginning as early as six months from now.  St. Peter’s Cathedral initially purchased the land for $300,000, which housed vacant homes, tavern and a pants factory previously.


The new development will be just a little over a mile to the Southwest of the Belleville MetroLink Station and the #1 Main Street-State Street MetroBus drops off just 0.2 miles away.


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