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The Approved 2014 BSDA/Metro Budget

The Bi-State Development Agency/Metro has passed a $306.3 million Civic Centeroperating budget and $442.9 million (3 year) capital budget, increasing last year’s total expenses by 3.7%  The budget includes service enhancements and future transit projects such as the Bus Rapid Transit route.  It also allocates funds for the rehabilitation of Eads Bridge, vehicle replacement, progress toward updating the fare collection system, etc.  Another key component will be, “comprehensive changes to the compensation, pension/retirement, and benefits packages for approximately 500 non-union, salaried employees.”

Overall, this budget strives to help Metro meet the needs of its growing ridership.  Those of us working for the expansion of public transit thank the residents of St. Louis and surrounding communities for utilizing this system we have.  It truly does benefit everyone in the region.  Area residents have made it possible for MetroBus to celebrate 50 years of service, for MetroLink to celebrate 20 years, and for helping this system to grow and prepare for the future.

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