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St. Louis Region Leading the Missouri Economy

Civic CenterRecent data from East-West Gateway Council of Governments, the reginal Metropolitan Planning Organization, shows the St. Louis region is leading the state’s economy in a number of categories. For the study, East-West Gateway examined the five Missouri counties within the organization’s (MPO) service area – Franklin, Jefferson, St. Charles, St. Louis, and St. Louis City.

The data shows St. Louis’s role in Missouri’s economy is not due only to its larger population. While making up 33% of the Missouri population, St. Louis has represented a much larger percentage of the state’s economic activity. The St. Louis region contributes 48% of the income taxes in the state – almost half – with only one-third of the population.  When speaking with your elected officials about transit and funding, make sure to stress the fact that St. Louis, Kansas City and the other urban areas are paying in a large portion of this state’s budget and in return would like to see a greater emphasis on their priorities including transportation. 

 Check below to see how the St. Louis region ranked in each of the 11 categories:

Category                                                          St. Louis Share (%) of the Missouri Total

Population                                                        33%

Personal Income                                           40%

Employment by place-of-work               39%

Wages & Salaries distributed                    45%

Businesses                                                        38%

Annual Business Payroll                            49%

Taxable sales (sales & use tax)                36%

Federal Income Tax                                    51%

Individual Income Tax                              48%

Gross County Product                                43%

Foreign Exports                                            48%

For East-West Gateway’s full report and a bunch of nifty pie charts, click here.

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