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St. Louis is Crushing on Transit, Are You? Show Your Love and Reap the Rewards

Citizens for Modern Transit is celebrating this Valentine’s season with a Crushing on Transit online event. Riders are encouraged to send in videos and messages about their love of transit throughout the entire month of February and those who show their love will have a chance to win gift card prizes throughout the month.

Each demonstration of love will be an entry into the drawings:
1. Those that send in a quote and photo of themselves on their chosen source of public transit will be put in the drawing once.
2. Those that send in a personalized video will be put in the drawing twice. These videos can be sent to CMT’s direct social media messages or sent to our staff email,

Winners of the drawings will be announced on CMT social media channels and sent an email for confirmation.
For more updates on the event, click the link here to follow our social media channels.

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