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Special thanks to CMT members, friends & Board for an amazing year

 HGD-9451Wow, it has been an amazing year at Citizens for Modern Transit. As we wrap up our fiscal year which ends Aug. 31, special thanks goes to the CMT Board, all the CMT members, and CMT friends for helping us to reach record numbers this year as well as pro-actively taking steps to move transit forward in the region.   Here are just a few of the highlights:

  • CMT successfully secured four grant awards this year bringing  more than $1 million in federal funding to the St. Louis region to promote transit and increase ridership on the system;
  • CMT increased TOD Advocacy/Education efforts this year including 3 Urban Land Institute Technical Assistance Panels at UMSL South, Grand and CORTEX;
  • CMT wrapped up the development of a TOD database tracking more than $16 billion in development around light rail since its opening. This database is available on the CMT website;
  • CMT hosted and sponsored Formation of Young Transit Professionals Advisory board promotional/education campaigns surrounding transit garnering significant media coverage including the Great Race, Wake Up to a Sweeter Commute, the 20th Anniversary of MetroLink and much more;
  • Transit ridership is up across the system;
  • CMT initiated its first Feasibility Study for a possible MetroLink Station at Cortex;
  • CMT welcomed new  Grants/Program Manager Lenora Fisher to the team;
  • Formation of a Young Transit Professionals Advisory Board;
  • Sponsorships of CMT events reached an all time high this fiscal year, and finally;
  • CMT membership revenue outpaced all membership revenues over the last 28 years with membership topping out at more than 18 percent over goal.

These accomplishments and many more are only possible with the help and support of our membership base, the CMT Board of Directors, our team of volunteers and so many others.  Thank you!

We have many challenges ahead as we advocate for an expanded system in the St. Louis region as well as adequate funding for capital and operations of the system.  St. Louis needs to set its transit priorities, and CMT will be working diligently to help make that happen in FY14.  Once the list is set, this region needs to find a way to fund its priorities.  Join us and show your support for transit.  Attend our upcoming Annual Meeting on Sept. 13, become a member of CMT today and join us at one of our upcoming fall events.

THANK YOU for a great year!

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