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Senate moves one-cent sales tax forward for transportation

Niemeyer delmarMissouri senators endorsed a proposed one-cent sales tax increase that could raise nearly $8 billion over a decade for transportation projects.

The increase would require voter approval and, if passed, would be resubmitted to the ballot after 10 years so Missourians could decide whether to continue it. The referendum would go before the voters in November, 2014, at this point.

Currently, there is no dedicated funding source in the bill for public transit and other modes. Senator Keaveny introduced an amendment for a 15 percent carve out for public transit and other modes which was voted down.

MapofstatefundingfortransitThe Missouri Public Transit Association passed a resolution at its board meeting in support of the sales tax with the 15 percent carve out for public transit and other multi-modal transportation. In addition, the Blue Ribbon Commission Report identified $250 million a year need for public transit. The image right illustrates Missouri’s funding for public transit last year (the Governor requested the same amount this year in his budget) compared to its neighbors. This $560,000 is spread over 33 transit providers in the state.

The sales tax proposal will now move to the House. A House committee has embraced a similar measure. 
The Legislature is on spring recess this week. 
To view the approved bill . . .  

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