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Riders Share Feedback on Transit Fares

Results of CMT’s Transit Fare Survey Released

Citizens for Modern Transit (CMT) in partnership with Metro Transit and the St. Clair County Transit District (SCCTD) released an online survey in February of 2023 to obtain input from riders in the St. Louis region regarding current fare payment options and other experiences tied to their commute via public transit.  The survey was distributed via:

  • Postcard mailing linking recipients to the online survey via QR code.
  • Transit advertisements with the QR code linking to the online survey.
  • CMT electronic newsletter linking to the online survey.
  • CMT social media accounts posting the link to the online survey.
  • Community engagement day at a variety of MetroLink stations and Transit Centers where information about the survey was shared with transit riders.

The results of the survey, compiled in May of 2023, are outlined in the report here, including all open-ended responses.

The fare survey was completed by 186 respondents and provides valuable insight into how riders get to their destinations, preferred methods of fare payment and how riders would like to see fare options evolve going forward.  Highlights from the survey include:

  • Most respondents ride MetroLink over all other transportation options.
  • Those respondents not currently riding MetroBus indicate long wait times as the primary reason.
  • Weekly passes are not frequently utilized.
  • Most respondents use cash to pay MetroBus fare.
  • Most respondents pay full fare.
  • Those respondents who don’t use passes indicated they don’t ride often enough to purchase a pass.
  • The ability to reload a pass online and to use a smartphone to pay fare were identified as the most useful potential payment features.
  • Most respondents indicated that the ticket vending machines and bus fareboxes are easy to use.
  • Most respondents access fare information via Metro’s website, followed by signage at transit stops.

Download the Transit Fare Survey Report

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