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Reminder: St. Louis Streetcar Open House TONIGHT 4-7pm

Streetcar Open House - Mar 7If you’re interested in finding out about the potential for modern streetcars in St. Louis and the results of the Streetcar Feasibility Study, please attend the Open House event this evening from 4-7 pm at the Moto Museum – 3441 Olive Street.

Quick Facts on the St. Louis Streetcar:

  • Reason for Feasibility Study: This project supports the goals and objectives of the Downtown Next Plan – to connect people to jobs, connect downtown to neighborhoods, and to drive infill development.
  • Feasibility Study cost:  It cost $200,000 and the funds were raised privately through the Partnership for Downtown St. Louis.  No public funds were used.
  • Funding the Streetcar: For the construction, 50% of the cost is expected to come from a Federal transit funding program.  With the local funding plan for construction and operations, a TDD is the primary source, but not the whole source. Other funding sources will be needed.
  • Benefits of a Streetcar: Connection to jobs, attracting new jobs and residents, supporting walkable communities and enhancing the quality of life
  • Next Step: In the next phase (Environmental Analysis), the analysis will look at the environmental, economic and social impact of the project.  There will be more community engagement during this process.

Factsheets with further information on the streetcar project will be available at tonight’s Open House.

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