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Rail-Volution 2013 Set for October 20-23 in Seattle, Washington

Rail-Volution is an annual conference where transit supporters and advocates from across the country get together to generate meaningful discussions on how we can use transit to create communities that are healthy, equitable, economically strong, and sustainable. The conference is hosted in a different city each year and this fall, Seattle, Washington will host Rail-Volution 2013 from October 20 through 23.banner_04a

Seattle has a been a leader in promoting transit, alternative transportation options, and smart land use practices. Sound Transit, Seattle’s transit agency, is planning an $18 billion expansion of the region’s current light rail system, which will add over 30 miles of rail. The city’s designation of urban growth centers and its commitment to dense growth patterns has contributed to the success of the region’s transit system, which is why it was chosen to host Rail-Volution 2013.

Rail-Volution is currently seeking speakers, exhibitors, and sponsors for this year’s conference. If you are interested in attending the conference or being a part of the action, more information and details on registering are available at the Rail-Volution website:

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