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Quarterly Metro Incident Report Demonstrates Progress with Law Enforcement Partners

Metro Public Safety releases a quarterly incident report in partnership with the MetroLink Task Force each quarter. The report highlights incidents in comparison to the prior year. The 3rd Quarter report for 2022 (July-September) demonstrates incidents per MetroLink boardings are holding at .0001 (10 incidents per 100,000 boardings). MetroLink boards in the third quarter increased by more than 7 percent. The report indicates there were 178 incidents during the specified time period. According to the report, 62 percent of the incidents were the result of proactive policing. The police initiated contact with an individual rider. N. Hanley Transit Center has the highest incident rate among the station. Metro Transit is addressing N. Hanley with an increased presence of St. Louis County officers, Chestnut Health Mental Health team, and Allied Security.

“These quarterly metrics significantly ensure we are hitting any hot spots on the system. We are deploying our resources based on what the metrics are telling us to ensure the system continues to be safe and secure for your everyday rider as well as those who are using the system for special events,” said Kevin Scott, General Manager of Security for Bi-State Development.

Click below for the latest report.

Quarterly Task Force Report

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