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Please join CMT’s ULI Cortex TAP Report to the Community

CORTEX Phase 2 Initiative.jpgCMT in partnership with Metro invites you to attend an upcoming Urban Land Institute (ULI) Cortex TAP report on discussions about possible locations for a MetroLink station, parking garage, and incentives for spurring development around the Cortex site.

This special presentation to the community will be held at Cortex, 4320 Forest Park Ave. I hope you will consider joining us for this event sponsored by Citizens for Modern Transit.

Thanks to our panel of experts from the ULI who will be helping CMT out:

  • Brian O’Connell, Hillliker
  • Natasha Das, SLU Urban Planning/Law
  • Glenn Powers, St. Louis County
  • Brian Pratt, Greenstreet
  • Colleen McNitt-Ruiz of Lathrop & Gage
  • Laura Radcliff, Stifel Nicolaus

CMT’s ULI CORTEX TAP Report to the Community
June 13, 2013

8:30 am Registration; 9:00 am Presentation
4320 Forest Park Ave.


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