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Pagedale Board of Aldermen Adopts Transit Oriented Development Form Based Zoning District around Rock Road MetroLink Station with help of CMT and others

Bike and BusThe Pagedale Board of Aldermen passed an ordinance establishing the “E – Transit Oriented Development Form Based Zoning District” in the City of Pagedale Zoning Code on Feb. 13 at their meeting.  This process was made possible through a unique collaboration of community stakeholders and local organizations who see the value in building around the St. Louis light rail system.

Citizens for Modern Transit is leading the charge in St. Louis on Transit Oriented Development, building around the MetroLink system to create livable, walkable communities. Through a partnership CMT built with Beyond Housing and Metro, the group was able to secure grant funding for code creation.   The form-based code for this new zoning classification was developed with input from the community obtained through the Pagedale Determined community planning process facilitated by Beyond Housing, a community development organization that works in defined geographies, like the 24:1 Initiative in the Normandy School District, to help entire communities become better places to live.form based code

The purpose of the St. Charles Rock Road Transit Station Area Form-Based Code (TSA FBC) is to create standards for carefully planned walkable, mixed-use development that will promote the health, safety, convenience, comfort, prosperity and general welfare of the community by supporting the following principles:

  • Location Efficiency: The development creates opportunities for citizens to live and work in higher density, walkable, mixed-use neighborhoods.
    Transportation Connections: The development supports the existing transit infrastructure network and the MetroLink Station Area by accommodating pedestrians and bicyclists, and minimizing vehicle parking through shared parking lots and structures.
  • Neighborhood Design: The development supports the basic principles of high quality neighborhood design with interconnected, walkable, tree-lined streets; quality open space in close proximity to every home; a variety of housing types,  styles, and prices; and commercial uses that are complimentary to the  neighborhood.
  • Community Desires: The      development reflects the preferences of building form and uses of the members of the community as expressed in an extensive community engagement process.

While the zoning classification has been established, the new zoning classification does not designate any parcels of land as subject to the “E” classification.  Once a development entity has control of the desired parcels in the St. Charles Rock Road MetroLink Station area, then the property owner will petition the Planning & Zoning Board and the Board of Alderpersons to rezone the desired parcels as “E – Transit Oriented Development Form Based Code District.”

“The adoption of this “E – Transit Oriented Development Form Based Zoning District” is a valuable and important step in the advancement of development around the St. Charles Rock Road Station. It is just one more tool the community can use to help move development forward in Pagedale near the Rock Road MetroLink Station. Congratulations to the Pagedale Board of Alderman, Beyond Housing, and Metro for making Transit Oriented Development possible in St. Louis County with this adoption,” said Kim Cella, CMT Executive Director.

The code itself was drafted by Development Strategies, the Lawrence Group and Polsinelli.

Citizens for Modern Transit, a nonprofit, member supported organization that leads efforts for an integrated, affordable, and convenient public transportation system with light rail expansion as the critical component that will drive economic growth to improve quality of life in the St. Louis region.

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