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Only a few days left to vote for TRANSIT/CMT to GROW St. Louis!

There are only 4 days lefts to vote for CMT and its Ten Toe Program in the Monsanto Grow St. Louis Contest.  In this economic time, it takes more and more effort to find ways to fund programs for not-for-profits like Citizens for Modern Transit.  The Ten Toe Express Program, a hugely successful transit/walking program  targeted at older adults or anyone who wants to give transit a try, is a great way for CMT to reach a whole new market while linking transit and physical activity.  Funding for this program will end in February of this year.

What a great way to ‘grow’ St. Louis than through an expanded transit system and transit programs that provide the opportunity for St. Louisans to go farther, get healthier while the region grows smarter, better and more sustainable.

Please give us your vote in the Monsanto Grow St. L ouis contest if you believe that TRANSIT is a great way to GROW ST. Louis.   You can vote one time per day through Jan. 29, and we need your help. Please email, tweet or post on Facebook to your friends and colleagues. Challenge them to help St. Louis grow with TRANSIT!

(Search on Citizens for Modern Transit or Ten Toe when you get to the site.)

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