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Northside-Southside Study moves into Phase II

NS-SS_LightRailRendering-1024x768The Northside-Southside Study, which began early this year, is wrapping up Phase I of the 18 month study. The purpose of the study is to confirm and validate the proposed on-street light rail expansion project in St. Louis.   According to a report to the CMT Board on Friday, Oct. 6 by Project Manager Dan Meyers with AECOM, the study has been collecting data, doing preliminary engineering and collecting initial public feedback on the line.   This fall, the study will present information on station location planning, ridership, costs and service plan recommendations.   In addition, the study will present information and gather input on three possible routes to the NGA west campus.

The first study which identified the Locally Preferred Alternative for the Northside-Southside corridor was completed in 2008.  That study laid the groundwork for the current study underway on the 17 mile, 29 station corridor.   This project will be an in-street running project.   According to Meyers, this may need to be a phased project.  Proposition 1 which passed in the City of St. Louis will generate approximately $350 million annually. Assuming a federal match of 50 percent, there would be approximately $700 million for the first leg.  There are couple of areas being focused on currently including the possibilities for service to the NGA site, the vehicles which will be low floor vehicles similar to Charlotte and Minneapolis, and the location of the maintenance facility.    Key needs identified as a part of the study include need for stabilization/revitalization of areas and expanded access to jobs.

There are opportunities to weigh in currently including on the Northside-Southside Study website at 

Northside – Southside Study Presentation

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