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Northside-Southside Light Rail study nears end of first phase

NS-SS_LightRailRendering-1024x768The Northside-Southside Study, which is confirming and validating a proposed on-street light rail expansion project in St. Louis, is nearing the end of its first phase. The study team has been collecting data, doing preliminary engineering studies and collecting initial public feedback on the proposed north-south line. This fall, the Study will present information on station location planning, ridership, costs, service plan recommendations, and economic development impacts. In addition, the Study will present information and gather public input on three possible route alternatives around the NGA West campus in St. Louis. Public meetings to discuss the information, station area planning, and alternatives will begin in November.

Please consider taking Northside-Southside’s station location and transit priorities online survey. The Northside-Southside Study wants to know which stations you would use and what you would like to see developed around them. The survey also asks about your transit expansion priorities and concerns about the project. Learn more at

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