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New MetroLink Ticket Validation Procedures Begin Today

New validation procedures for MetroLink ticket and 2-hour passes begin today, January 7, 2013. Under the new procedures, ticket vending machines will no longer print the expiration time on the following tickets and passes, requiring them to be validated before boarding:

  • 1-Ride Ticket
  • 2-Hour Pass
  • Round-Trip Tickets (each ticket immediately prior to travel)
  • Tickets from 10-Ride Ticket Booklets

The following fares and tickets will not be affected by the changes and will not need to be validated:

  • Scratch off day passes (when the date of travel is scratched off)
  • Pre-dated daily, weekly or monthly passes

validate examplePlease be aware that a ticket that has not been validated is considered a fare violation and may result in the customer receiving a citation and fine, even if the customer receives their tickets and passes from their school, college or other organization. The passenger is still responsible for proper ticket validation. Tickets can be validated quickly and easily by inserting them into one of the red validation machines which are located at all MetroLink platforms. When the ticket has been removed from the machine with the date & time stamped along the side, the ticket has been properly validated.

There are several advantages to the new validation procedures, including enabling customers to purchase Metro tickets in advance and validate them when they are ready to be used. The new procedures will also reduce the misuse of transit tickets, helping to ensure that each customer pays the proper fare for their ride. Metro volunteer Ambassadors will be at the following MetroLink stations today to hand out information and help commuters with questions as the changes go into effect:

  • North Hanleyvalidate ticket
  • Civic Center
  • Central West End
  • St. Charles Rock Road
  • Shrewsbury
  • Belleville
  • Delmar Loop
  • 5th & Missouri
  • Emerson Park


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