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MO Senate Appropriations Hearing Set for Tomorrow; Weigh in on Transit Investment

asks2020The Senate Appropriations Committee is holding its first hearing tomorrow, January 15, 2020, in hearing room  SCR2 on HB4.  Citizens for Modern Transit and the Missouri Public Transit Association will be testifying on behalf of increased investment in public transit in Missouri.  Public transit is delivering on its promise to Missouri despite the distinct lack of state investment. Public transit is promoting equality, job creation, stronger economies and the vibrancy of neighborhoods in communities across the state.  But, the impact could be bigger, better and more profound. Any increase in investment by the State of Missouri could exponentially change the game in terms of economic return. AND, while the current ROI is significant, as transit providers face continued lack of state funding in their budgets, these returns are going to diminish quickly as service cuts continue.

There are many ways for individuals to be involved with these as transit supporters.

1.  Please contact your legislators now  to express your interest in transit funding.  There are many new legislators taking in office this session and will need to hear from their constituents that transit makes a difference.

2.  Continue reading CMT’s eblast and blog postings that will keep you updated on where things stand.

3.  Call, visit or email your state legislators about the need for a state funding plan for transit

4. Contact Governor Parson about the need for Missouri to support public transit especially as the Governor calls for bold transportation solutions in Missouri.

5. Make sure your locally elected officials also hear from you on the importance of transit.

6. RIDE TRANSIT, and invite others to get on board with you.

Please consider sharing this information with your elected officials: Missouri Transit Investment 2020.

Thank you in advance for all you do to make St. Louis a better place to be with Transit.

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